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The lap time of Lewis Hamilton has been disclosed subsequent to his drive in the Mercedes W14 today.



Lewis Hamilton took to the track today, piloting a Mercedes W14 during a Pirelli tyre test session.


Meanwhile, Fernando Alonso also participated in the test at the Jerez circuit in Spain, representing Aston Martin. According to Albert Fabrega, Alonso achieved a best lap time of 1’18”752, while Hamilton recorded a lap time of 1’18”936.


It is important to note that these lap times hold no significance as the primary purpose of the test is to assist Pirelli, the official tyre supplier for Formula 1.


The lap times, naturally, hold no significance and the purpose of the test is solely for the benefit of Pirelli, the official tire supplier for F1.


At Jerez, Alonso completed 156 laps while Hamilton managed 126, as they pursued different tire development programs.


Ferrari concluded the first Pirelli tests of the year last week.


Tomorrow (Wednesday), Lance Stroll from Aston Martin and George Russell from Mercedes will take on the responsibility of Pirelli testing in Jerez.


Alonso and Hamilton returned to their 2023 F1 cars for the tire test.


This meant that Hamilton had to face the dreaded W14 once again for his first drive of 2024, one of the two cars in which he failed to secure a single grand prix victory.


In 2022 and 2023, Hamilton remained winless as Mercedes fell behind the dominant Red Bulls.


Mercedes will unveil their new car for 2024, the W15, on February 14 at Silverstone.


According to reports, the W15 will feature a different cockpit position (a key request from Hamilton last season) and a lighter gearbox among its developments. Mercedes hopes that the W15 will be the vehicle that propels them back to the forefront of F1.


They have also abandoned the ‘zeropod’ concept that plagued them over the past two years.


The W15 will undoubtedly be the final Mercedes that Hamilton will drive in F1.


Starting from 2025, he will embark on a multi-year agreement with Ferrari, which is expected to extend into his 40s.