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Sainz expresses surprise over Hamilton taking his place at Ferrari…



Carlos Sainz has openly expressed his astonishment upon learning that Lewis Hamilton will be taking his place at Ferrari in 2025, following Hamilton’s departure from Mercedes at the end of the 2024 season.


Sainz, who recently spoke about the high-profile transfer, admitted that he, like many others in the Formula 1 community, was taken aback by the news.


Hamilton, aged 39, will bid farewell to Mercedes after the conclusion of the 2024 season, paving the way for his successor, the Spaniard, in 2025.


Sainz, breaking his silence following the monumental transfer, expressed, “I must admit, I was taken aback, much like the entire Formula 1 community.


“Personally, I had the privilege of being privy to this news a tad earlier than the rest, affording me a few weeks to contemplate, make arrangements, and gear up for the car unveiling and the inaugural race of the season.


After taking some time to process and analyze the situation, I was able to form my own opinions and shift my attention towards the upcoming 2024 season.


I am grateful for the overwhelming support and kind messages I have received from the F1 community and my friends back home. Their encouragement has been invaluable during this time.


Sainz, aged 29, expressed these sentiments during Ferrari’s launch event, where they introduced their new car in hopes of competing against Max Verstappen from Red Bull.


Nevertheless, Sainz, who secured a win last year as the sole driver not affiliated with Red Bull, expressed uncertainty about his future team. He stated, “I am currently unaware of my next team and will take my time to decide when the opportunity arises. There are numerous possibilities available.”


As I enter the crucial phase of my career spanning the next three to four years, it is imperative for me to ensure that I am in the optimal environment. I will carefully consider all the options presented to me, allowing myself ample time and information to make an informed decision.


It is entirely feasible to distinguish between the two. With a competent management team at my disposal, I can entrust them with handling the matter, allowing me to concentrate fully on the inaugural race in Bahrain. My aim is to commence the season with utmost strength. As time progresses, the other issue will naturally resolve itself.


Just because I won’t be a Ferrari driver in 2025 doesn’t imply that we lack the desire to achieve championship glory and secure victories together this year.