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The success of Max Verstappen comes at a high cost for Red Bull.



Red Bull is banking on Max Verstappen’s ability to secure a fourth consecutive Formula 1 drivers’ championship, but they are well aware that his triumph could come at a significant cost to their financial stability.


In 2023, Red Bull’s unparalleled dominance resulted in an impressive 21 wins out of 22 races, with only Carlos Sainz’s triumph at the Singapore Grand Prix preventing them from achieving a flawless season.


In 2023, the Austrian team showcased an unprecedented level of dominance, securing an impressive 21 victories out of 22 races. Their remarkable performance was only marred by Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz’s triumph at the Singapore Grand Prix, preventing them from achieving a flawless record.


Out of those 21 races, Max Verstappen emerged victorious in 19, while his teammate Sergio Perez managed to claim the top spot on the podium only twice. Under the leadership of Christian Horner, the team shattered numerous long-standing records, making it the most one-sided season in Formula 1 history. And there may be even more success in store for them in 2024.


As the newly crowned three-time world champion, Verstappen accumulated a staggering 575 world championship points, leaving his teammate Perez far behind with 285 points. Together, they amassed a total of 860 points, while their closest rival, Mercedes, could only muster 409 points with Lewis Hamilton and George Russell.


Red Bull’s remarkable success in the F1 championship will undoubtedly bring them substantial financial rewards, attracting even more sponsors eager to collaborate with the team. However, their dominance on the track will also come with a significant cost when they tally up their expenses for participating in the championship in 2024.


The financial burden awaiting Red Bull is quite substantial. As per the FIA regulations, every team starts with a base payment of $657,837 (£523,065). Additionally, for each point earned during the 2023 season, an extra $6,575 (£5,227) is added to the overall amount.


Considering Red Bull’s triumph in the constructors’ championship, they will have to dig deep into their pockets. The team is expected to pay a staggering $7,893 (£6,275) for each point earned. When the final tally is calculated based on their impressive 860 points, it becomes evident that a hefty bill awaits them.


As reported by The Independent, Red Bull is set to pay a hefty sum of $7.5m (£5.9m) as a result of their successful performance. This amount surpasses the payments made by their competitors Mercedes and Ferrari, who are obligated to pay $3.34m (£2.7m) and $3.33m (£2.6m) respectively.


However, when compared to Haas, who finished at the bottom of the standings with a mere 12 championship points in 2023, Red Bull’s payment seems insignificant. In addition to their basic entry fee, Haas will only need to contribute ($736,373) £585,512 to secure their participation.