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Jobe Bellingham has the potential to emulate Jude’s success by securing a move to a top-tier Champions League club abroad….



Jobe Bellingham, following reports, has the potential to emulate his brother Jude’s path and secure a transfer to a prominent Champions League club. Jude, who is currently 20 years old, departed Birmingham City in 2020 to join the esteemed Bundesliga team, Borussia Dortmund.


Jude, a 20-year-old from Birmingham City, made the decision to leave the club in 2020 and join the Bundesliga team Borussia Dortmund.


Throughout his tenure with the German club, Jude’s skills and abilities flourished, making him one of the most highly desired players in global football.


In the previous summer, numerous top-tier clubs such as Liverpool, Manchester City, and Real Madrid expressed interest in signing the Englishman.


Ultimately, Jude sealed a deal with the prestigious La Liga powerhouse, Madrid, for a staggering reported sum of €103 million.


After joining Real Madrid, he has elevated his game and has become an indispensable member of Carlo Ancelotti’s squad.


Recent reports suggest that Jobe, Jude’s younger brother, might be transferring to a team in the Champions League.


According to Italian news source La Gazzetta dello Sport, as cited by Sport Witness, Serie A club Lazio is closely monitoring Jobe and is considering making a bid for the talented 18-year-old.


Nevertheless, it is rumored that Lazio will face stiff competition from Newcastle, a Premier League club, as well as Jude’s own team, Madrid.


In addition to Jobe, it has been alleged that Lazio is also showing interest in Jack Clarke, his teammate from Sunderland.


According to the report, Lazio is planning to make a double move for both Bellingham and Clarke.


Addressing Jobe’s recent display, Sunderland manager Michael Beale stated, “He has been crucial for us on the field. When I initially took charge, we faced a hectic ten days with limited training sessions, and even then, adverse weather conditions forced us to rely on the same set of players for the matches during that period.”


This week, we believe that our squad has been slightly stronger, allowing us to give him a well-deserved break. The initial plan was for him to come on with 30 minutes remaining and make a significant impact on the game with his high energy levels.


Furthermore, I must mention that it wasn’t just him who made a difference. Both him and Chris Rigg came on and effectively pushed back their opponents’ midfielders, creating more space for Dan Neil to shine in the second half, which was truly impressive.


Moreover, I believe that the goal scored completely altered everyone’s perception of the situation. If we disregard the goal, it is evident that Jobe had just entered the game and already made a positive impact.

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