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Fernando Alonso believes that Lewis Hamilton’s move to Ferrari could provide an additional boost in the fight for the championship…



Fernando Alonso believes that Lewis Hamilton’s decision to switch to Ferrari for the upcoming 2025 season could provide him with an additional motivation to fight for the championship.


The Formula 1 world was taken aback by Hamilton’s announcement to leave Mercedes and join the prestigious Italian team.


With his sights set on securing an eighth drivers’ championship title, Hamilton aims to surpass Michael Schumacher’s record. Alonso, who has had a longstanding rivalry with Hamilton, shared his perspective on the British driver’s move to the renowned motorsport powerhouse.


Fernando Alonso is optimistic about the impact Lewis Hamilton can have on Ferrari’s quest for their first Drivers’ Championship in over two decades. The news of Hamilton’s move from Mercedes to Ferrari in 2025 created quite a stir in the football world on transfer deadline day in England.


As a former teammate of the seven-time world champion at McLaren, Alonso believes that Hamilton’s arrival will bring Ferrari closer to their goal of winning the drivers’ championship, a feat they last achieved with Michael Schumacher in 2004.


However, Alonso and Hamilton had a strained relationship during their time together at McLaren, and the Spaniard expressed some doubt regarding Hamilton’s assertion that joining Ferrari was a “childhood dream.”


“In recent years, Ferrari has had a consistently fast car and has been in contention for major achievements,” Alonso shared with BBC Sport.


Perhaps Lewis can bring that additional element to the fight for the championship. The car is already there.


His childhood dream wasn’t this 12 months ago, right? Or maybe two months ago, because it was a different dream back then.


Hamilton’s decision has sparked numerous discussions within the F1 community, with his former Mercedes teammate Valtteri Bottas expressing his surprise at the choice.


“I was taken aback. I never thought it would happen, I always believed he would stay at Mercedes, but that’s Formula One,” Bottas stated at Sauber’s 2024 car launch.


“Things happen, and I think it’s good for him because he has made the decision and it’s a fresh start. It’s a significant move in F1 that will undoubtedly create some movement in the drivers’ market.”


When discussing his own future, Alonso mentioned being in a favorable position and hinted at the possibility of joining a new team other than Aston Martin.


“I am aware of my unique situation,” he stated.


“There are only three world champions on the grid, and fast world champions at that, because in the past, there may have been some champions who weren’t as committed to being fast. And I am probably the only one available for 2025. So I am in a good position.


“But at the same time, when I decide whether I want to continue racing in the future, my first and only conversation will be with Aston Martin. That will be my top priority.


“But if we cannot reach an agreement and I want to commit to racing in F1, I know I hold a privileged position. I am likely to be attractive to other teams due to the performance they witnessed last year and my commitment.”


Entering his 21st season as an F1 driver, the 42-year-old Spaniard remains confident that he can continue racing as long as he maintains his motivation.


“Maybe I would have said 41 or 42 before,” he reflected. “Now I can consider racing for a few more years. So I would say if you are motivated and willing to commit, you can drive until 48, 49, or maybe even 50.”


However, simultaneously, one must sacrifice everything in life. Formula 1 requires unwavering commitment – I have devoted my entire existence to this sport.


“I find contentment in this and I can continue for a few additional years, although I am uncertain if I will still be competing at the age of 50 due to the rigorous schedule – not due to my capabilities, but because there are other aspects of life that pique my curiosity.”