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Paul Scholes expresses his astonishment at the exceptional performance of an Arsenal player during the match against West Ham, leaving him truly amazed…



Paul Scholes expressed his astonishment at the exceptional performance of one Arsenal player during their live match against West Ham.


The Gunners displayed a remarkable first-half performance, completely dominating the game and securing victory before the halftime whistle.


Their clinical finishing resulted in goals from Gabriel, Saliba, Saka, and Trossard. Mikel Arteta must have been delighted to witness his team’s flawless execution and effectiveness, which can be attributed to their diligent training with the set-piece coach.


In the first half, the Gunners displayed their ruthless efficiency by capitalizing on their opportunities. Players like Gabriel, Saliba, Saka, and Trossard all managed to find the back of the net, leaving their opponents helpless.


For Mikel Arteta, witnessing his team execute their chances was nothing short of a dream come true. The hard work put in by the set-piece coach during training paid off handsomely.


A crucial factor in the success of these set-pieces was the exceptional delivery from Declan Rice. The English player seems to be honing his skills in dead-ball situations, and he showcased his abilities in today’s match.


Even Paul Scholes, who was observing the game for PL Productions, expressed his surprise at just how impressive Rice was in those positions.


Paul Scholes, while commentating for PL Productions, expressed his astonishment at Declan Rice’s exceptional performance from those positions.


Scholes acknowledged the threat posed by Saka and the impressive midfield display by Trossard. However, it was Rice’s delivery that truly surprised him, as he showcased his ability to deliver fantastic balls. This aspect of Rice’s game was previously unknown to Scholes.


Set pieces have been a weak point for West Ham, making Rice’s contribution even more valuable. Scholes, having played alongside the legendary David Beckham, understands the significance of a player consistently excelling in set-piece situations.


Rice’s progress in this area is commendable and receiving praise from Scholes is undoubtedly a confidence booster for him.


Having a player who can consistently deliver from set-pieces is crucial for any team aspiring to achieve success. Rice seems determined to establish himself as the go-to player in this aspect, and his performance today is a testament to his dedication and progress in mastering this new skill.