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Bayer Leverkusen’s message to Liverpool comes as Xabi Alonso passes his audition to potentially replace Jurgen Klopp as the club’s manager…



Bayer Leverkusen conveys a message to Liverpool following Alonso’s successful audition as Klopp’s potential replacement.


Despite the intense speculation surrounding Alonso’s potential move to Liverpool, Bayer Leverkusen’s sporting director, Simon Rolfes, remains confident that Alonso will continue to lead their team next season.


Alonso, who had a successful five-year stint at Liverpool as a player, winning four trophies including the memorable Champions League triumph in 2005, is now being considered as a top candidate for the managerial position at Anfield.


His crucial penalty goal in the final against AC Milan in Istanbul is still etched in the memories of Liverpool fans.


Alonso is rumored to be the top choice on Liverpool’s list of potential replacements for Jurgen Klopp, who is expected to step down after a successful nine-year tenure at Anfield.


During his time as a player, Alonso achieved great success, winning four trophies in a five-year period, including the memorable Champions League victory over AC Milan in 2005. His impressive performance as the manager of Leverkusen, where the team remains unbeaten in the Bundesliga this season and sits comfortably at the top of the table, has made him the favorite among bookmakers to succeed Klopp.


Liverpool supporters have further rallied behind Alonso after the team’s convincing 3-0 win against Bayern Munich, intensifying calls for him to take charge next season. However, Alonso is currently under contract with BayArena until 2026, and Leverkusen’s sporting director, Rudi Voller, believes that Alonso is content with his current situation.


Voller emphasized that aside from the contractual aspect, Alonso values the comfort and support he receives at Leverkusen, as well as the strong team he has at his disposal. Voller expressed confidence that there will be no major changes or player departures next season, ensuring that Leverkusen will continue to have a competitive squad.


These factors, in addition to the contract, contribute to the likelihood of Alonso remaining at Leverkusen.


When questioned about Alonso’s future at Leverkusen, Rolfes expressed his confidence, stating that he is sure Alonso will still be with the team next season.


He emphasized that while the contract is important, it is equally crucial to consider how comfortable Alonso feels at the club and how his family feels. Rolfes also highlighted the strength of the team and the potential for success in the upcoming season, stating that there won’t be major changes or player departures.


He believes that these factors, along with the contract, are what keep coaches and players like Alonso at the club. Rolfes praised Alonso’s adaptability and courage, noting that he surprises him with his ability to adapt the system and bring other players into the game.


Despite speculation linking Alonso to Liverpool, he remained focused on Leverkusen and expressed his happiness at the club. While he did not rule out the possibility of managing Liverpool in the future, he stated that his current focus is solely on Leverkusen.


Xabi possesses the bravery to not only commit to an 11, but also to declare: I will adjust the system and introduce other individuals onto the field.


We are not confined within the framework that is established based on our style of playing football.


Although Alonso is rumored to be open to the idea of managing Liverpool, he declined to engage in the speculation when questioned about the recent rumors last month.


“Speculation is a normal occurrence, but my focus is on Bayer Leverkusen,” he informed reporters following Klopp’s surprising announcement.


“I am currently very content with my players in Leverkusen. Undoubtedly, Jurgen Klopp’s departure from Liverpool was a significant surprise. I hold great respect and admiration for his accomplishments.”


When asked if he could dismiss the possibility of becoming Liverpool’s next manager, Alonso responded, “Honestly, I do not have a direct answer. I am presently happy here and solely focused on Leverkusen.”