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Liverpool have reportedly identified their backup plan in case they are unable to secure the appointment of Xabi Alonso as their next manager…



Liverpool have identified a potential alternative manager in the event that they are unable to secure the services of Xabi Alonso.


According to reports, the club has already narrowed down their options and have two top candidates in mind to succeed Jurgen Klopp, who will be leaving the club at the end of the season.


While Xabi Alonso, the current head coach of Bayer Leverkusen, is the frontrunner for the position, Liverpool are exploring other alternatives to ensure they have a contingency plan in place.


Bayer Leverkusen, currently leading Bayern Munich by two points in the Bundesliga, has been benefiting greatly from the exceptional skills of the renowned player from Liverpool. However, there may be some competition for his signature as Alonso has recently been linked to both Real Madrid and Bayern Munich.


Interestingly, Ruben Amorim from Sporting Lisbon has emerged as a potential alternative to Alonso. According to journalist Gianluigi Longari, both Alonso and Amorim are the top contenders to join Liverpool during the summer transfer window.


Longari mentioned on X that Liverpool is currently evaluating various candidates for their bench, with Xabi Alonso being the first choice on their list. Additionally, Ruben Amorim, who is currently managing Sporting, is also being considered as an alternative by the Reds.


Record reports that Amorim has set a specific timeframe for considering offers from other teams. After the season concludes, interested parties will have the opportunity to meet with the manager and his agency to discuss the next steps in his coaching career.


Amorim has been linked with several clubs, not just Liverpool. In the past, he has been associated with Chelsea and Manchester United. Dietmar Hamann, a former Liverpool midfielder, believes that Xabi Alonso would be the perfect successor to Klopp.


Hamann praises Alonso’s skills and success at Leverkusen, stating that he is loved by the fans. Hamann also acknowledges the pressure and expectations that come with following Klopp but believes that Liverpool, with the right team, can compete for the Premier League title next season.


He mentions other potential candidates like De Zerbi and Postecoglou but emphasizes that Alonso’s understanding of the club and his relationship with the fans make him the ideal choice. Hamann attributes Klopp’s success to his strong connections with the players, fans, and the city, which changed the mentality of the entire city.


The Liverpool job carries a significant responsibility, as the next manager will have to fill the shoes of Klopp. His strong bond with both the fans and players is a rare quality that not many clubs can boast of. Liverpool supporters will undoubtedly have high expectations for the next manager, hoping for a similar connection.


Klopp’s remarkable work over the past nine years, focusing on player development, team structure, and a strong work ethic, will undoubtedly benefit the future Liverpool manager. Compared to Klopp’s initial challenges when he joined the club in 2015, the upcoming manager will have a relatively easier task.


Under Klopp’s guidance, Liverpool has achieved great success, winning seven trophies, including the prestigious Premier League and Champions League titles. His next move is currently a subject of discussion among various media outlets, with rumors linking him to Spanish giants Barcelona.