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The Sunderland owner seems to have confirmed the rumors surrounding Roy Keane, stating that it would have been an enjoyable experience…



It seems that the Sunderland owner has indirectly confirmed the speculations surrounding Roy Keane’s potential return to the club. Juan Sartori, one of the owners, has acknowledged that appointing Keane as the head coach in 2022 would have been an intriguing and enjoyable decision, albeit with the possibility of it turning into a calamity.


Sunderland owner Juan Sartori has acknowledged that appointing Roy Keane as head coach in 2022 would have been an intriguing choice, with the potential for both positive and negative outcomes.


During his initial stint as manager, Keane achieved remarkable success at Sunderland, leading the team from the bottom of the Championship to clinching the title in his debut season. He further demonstrated his capabilities by ensuring the club’s survival in the Premier League. However, a disagreement with then-owner Ellis Short resulted in Keane’s departure from the club.


Following Lee Johnson’s dismissal in January 2022, there were strong speculations about Keane’s potential return, creating a sense of anticipation among fans. Ultimately, Alex Neil was appointed as the head coach, and Sunderland secured promotion through the play-offs.


During the upcoming third series of Sunderland Til I Die, Sartori seems to have confirmed those stories, but his lack of conviction suggests that it wouldn’t have turned out well.


According to Sartori, having Roy Keane would have been entertaining and beneficial for the Netflix series, but it might have resulted in another season of disastrous finishes.


The main reason why the Keane appointment didn’t materialize is the club’s current operating structure.


When Keane was previously the manager, he had a lot of freedom at the club. However, this time around, he would have had to work under the authority of sporting director Kristjaan Speakman.


Keane’s well-known skepticism towards unfamiliar individuals in the football industry would have also posed limitations on the personnel he could bring to the club. This sentiment was indirectly expressed by Keane during a recent episode of The Overlap.


During the discussion, Keane highlighted the predicament faced by many unemployed individuals who feel compelled to accept any job offer, regardless of the unfavorable terms. He emphasized that some clubs only offer short-term contracts without any provisions for compensation or the ability to assemble a personal staff.


Keane acknowledged the varying circumstances at different clubs, noting the abundance of managers desperately seeking employment opportunities. Despite engaging in positive discussions with certain clubs in the past, Keane recounted an instance where he received an offer that he ultimately deemed unacceptable. He expressed gratitude for not being in a position of desperation that would force him to sign such a contract, emphasizing the importance of maintaining self-worth.