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Jurgen Klopp anticipates Jurgen Klopp’s forecast on Howard Webb’s actions tomorrow following the non-awarding of a penalty to Liverpool.



Jurgen Klopp anticipates Howard Webb’s actions tomorrow following his failure to grant Liverpool a penalty.


The Liverpool manager expressed his reaction to the team’s disappointment in not receiving a penalty during the final moments of their draw against Manchester City.


Despite already being awarded one penalty kick, the Reds believed they should have been given another in injury time. During a 50/50 challenge in the box between Alexis Mac Allister and Jeremy Doku, it seemed that Mac Allister was caught by a high boot from the City player.


However, following a thorough review by VAR, referee Michael Oliver concluded that there was no penalty. In an interview with beIN SPORTS after the match, Klopp shared his thoughts on the incident.


Having experienced a number of questionable decisions throughout the season, the Liverpool manager acknowledged that he had anticipated a call from Howard Webb, the head of the PGMOL.


Klopp expressed his frustration, stating, “It is evident that it was a penalty. Either someone will provide an explanation for why it was not given, or Howard Webb will contact us tomorrow. However, regardless of these outcomes, the result will remain unchanged.”


Klopp frustrated by penalty call

It is expected that Liverpool supporters will express their frustration over the recent controversial refereeing decision. Indeed, they have already done so.


Nevertheless, it must be acknowledged that, despite being in the minority, we do not believe that Doku’s challenge on Mac Allister warranted a penalty.


While the challenge was high and could have been given as a penalty, there was not a significant amount of contact.


If Oliver had awarded a penalty to Liverpool, it is unlikely that the VAR officials would have overturned the decision. However, since the on-field referee did not blow his whistle, the threshold for overturning the call was not met.


Undoubtedly, if a penalty had been awarded, it is highly likely that Liverpool would have emerged victorious from the game. It would have essentially been the deciding factor.


However, instead of dwelling on this frustration, it is important to redirect our disappointment towards the missed opportunities that the Reds had earlier in the match.


Despite an exceptional overall performance, Luis Diaz, in particular, was at fault in this regard. The Colombian player should have scored at least two goals during the game.


If Lucho had capitalized on his chances, we wouldn’t be having this discussion right now. The fact that we are once again discussing the referees is solely due to Liverpool’s failure to convert their opportunities. The game should have been settled and concluded.


There will undoubtedly be ongoing debates about this particular incident, but we have experienced far worse decisions against us this season. It could have gone either way, to be honest. Not every instance of contact in the penalty area warrants a penalty.