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Peter Drury has revealed the conversation with the VAR officials regarding the tackle made by Jeremy Doku on Alexis Mac Allister during the final minutes of the match against Liverpool…



Peter Drury discloses the VAR official’s statement regarding Jeremy Doku’s challenge in the dying moments versus Liverpool.


Despite the match ending in a draw, Mac Allister and his teammates were visibly frustrated by the decision not to award them a penalty for the challenge.


Jeremy Doku initially made contact with the ball before extending his leg to reach the Liverpool midfielder’s chest.


Despite a thorough review by VAR, the officials concluded that there was not enough evidence to reverse the initial decision of no penalty.


This controversial moment is sure to spark discussions following the match, particularly in a game where small details can make a big difference.


If Liverpool had been awarded a penalty late in the game, it could have significantly impacted their position in the title race depending on the outcome of the spot-kick.


During the match, Peter Drury, who was providing commentary for Sky Sports, revealed the response from VAR officials when Liverpool called for a penalty.


Peter Drury has shared the details of the conversation with the VAR officials regarding Liverpool’s penalty appeal. Drury conveyed the VAR’s message, indicating that there was no valid reason to overturn the close decision.


According to Drury, the VAR stated, “Doku played it in a reasonable position.” It will certainly be intriguing to know the opinions of Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola on this matter.


While it would be unexpected for Pep to believe that a penalty should have been given, Klopp might have a different perspective.


Despite Klopp’s preference for players like Luis Diaz to determine the outcome of the game, he may feel that his team was somewhat unjustly treated in the late stages.


It is certainly a controversial topic, and the discussion is likely to persist in the upcoming days.


Renowned commentators like Peter Drury and Gary Neville expressed concerns about the potential jeopardy faced by City while witnessing the unfolding events in real-time. However, VAR ultimately concluded that there was no foul play involving the Liverpool midfielder.


Undoubtedly, this incident will generate differing viewpoints, and the opinions will probably be evenly divided based on which side of the title race the fans support.


Having said that, it is worth mentioning that Mike Dean also observed an extraordinary action performed by Darwin Nunez during today’s match.