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The reasons I oppose Alex Neil’s return to Sunderland: Patrick Swayze and pints of milk.



The Scot has been linked with a surprise return to Sunderland.


My partner once mentioned that she will always remember the exact moment she learned, less than a week after her tenth birthday, about the passing of Steve ‘The Crocodile Hunter’ Irwin. I have a similar sentiment towards Alex Neil and his departure from Sunderland.


I doubt I will ever forget that Friday – the missed press conference, the initial disbelief, the gradual realization of an uncomfortable truth sinking in, the somber numbness as the dust settled.


On August 26th, 2022, the serious-faced Scot made the choice to leave the club he had recently led to a long-awaited promotion in order to take on new responsibilities at Stoke City, disappearing into thin air and causing quite a stir with an ill-advised pottery-related escapade, reminiscent of Patrick Swayze in Ghost. In doing so, he also dealt a heavy blow to my fragile sense of trust, much like Patrick Swayze in Road House.


Sunderland swiftly moved on under Tony Mowbray after Neil’s departure, leading to a more enjoyable season. Alex Neil’s name was rarely mentioned on Wearside for a long time, but now reports suggest he may be interested in returning to the club.


Alan Nixon reported that the 42-year-old, currently without a job after his time at Stoke, would be open to the idea of managing Sunderland. The details are unclear, but Neil’s potential return has certainly created a buzz in the North East.


Alan Nixon reported that the 42-year-old, who is currently without a job due to his failed Stoke venture, is willing to consider a return to the Stadium of Light.


Sunderland is still searching for their next permanent manager after Michael Beale left. While the specifics are unclear, Neil’s sudden inclusion in the mix has stirred up quite a commotion in the North East.


He has returned, gracefully stepping back into the spotlight like a character from a soap opera who was once written off, reopening old emotional wounds that many had finally started to forget. Alex Neil is the source of my trust issues, and now I’m being asked to set that aside and support him once again? It’s a lot to process.


To be completely honest, I am not in favor of his return to Sunderland. There are two main reasons for this. Firstly, there is a sense of pride involved.


Neil left us when things were going well, abandoning a team and fanbase that fully supported him in exchange for an opportunity that he believed aligned better with his personal ambitions at that time.


It was his choice – he was not obligated to stay. But don’t expect sympathy from us when you make a mistake and break something irreparably.