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Sunderland possible line-up vs Norwich as promising talent poised to start for Sunderland – expected starting XI…



Sunderland’s recent performance hasn’t been very promising, and they are about to face a challenging match against Norwich. The team’s interim head coach, Mike Dodds, has a lot to think about after three consecutive defeats. Additionally, the injuries to Jack Clarke and Patrick Roberts, who have been key players in Sunderland’s attacking strategy, have added to their concerns.


Sunderland boss Mike Dodds faces a challenging task in selecting his starting line-up for the upcoming match against Norwich. The team has been struggling recently, with three consecutive defeats adding to the pressure. Injuries to key players like Jack Clarke and Patrick Roberts have further complicated the situation, forcing Dodds to consider his options carefully.


Sunderland manager Mike Dodds faces a decision on his team selection for the upcoming match at Carrow Road. Let’s attempt to forecast the lineup.


Sunderland Expected Starting XI against Norwich (4-3-3)


GK: Anthony Patterson – Despite a recent weak parry, Patterson remains the top choice in goal for Sunderland.


RB: Trai Hume – Likely to return to his usual right-back position after playing as a wing-back in the previous game.


CB: Luke O’Nien – One booking away from suspension, but Dan Ballard is prepared to step in if needed.


CB: Jenson Seelt – Expected to continue in defense while Ballard serves his suspension.


LB: Leo Hjelde – Although there are doubts, Hjelde seems to be the primary option at left-back at the moment.


CM: Dan Neil – Demonstrates an undeniable level of skill and control in the Sunderland midfield.


CM: Chris Rigg – Mike Dodds has expressed high praise for him recently, and this upcoming match seems like a more suitable opportunity to include him in the starting lineup compared to facing Leicester or Southampton.


CM: Pierre Ekwah – Despite appearing slightly unsettled, he was one of the standout performers last week.


RW: Abdoullah Ba – Showed his goal-scoring ability at Carrow Road last season and could once again prove to be a crucial player.


CF: Jobe Bellingham – Considering the challenging nature of playing away against a strong attacking team, it raises the question of whether Dodds will take the risk of relying on Nazariy Rusyn to effectively execute his defensive instructions. This might result in Jobe being deployed upfront again, which may not necessarily be a negative outcome.


LW: Romaine Mundle — Romaine Mundle has the opportunity to step up in Jack Clarke’s absence for the remainder of the season, giving him a head start in potentially filling Clarke’s position next season. Dodds has expressed excitement about Mundle’s potential, so it will be interesting to see how he performs.