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Sunderland manager Mike Dodds expressed his disappointment over a controversial decision in the team’s defeat against Southampton…



Sunderland’s head coach, Mike Dodds, addresses a controversial decision following the defeat against Southampton.


Dodds acknowledged that the team has faced two significant decisions going against them recently but emphasized his focus on ending the losing streak rather than dwelling on the past incidents.


In the match against Southampton, Sunderland believed they should have been awarded a chance to equalize in stoppage time, following a potential foul on Dan Ballard by Hamza Choudhury.


Additionally, controversy arose when Adam Armstrong scored from a penalty kick, with questions raised about his initial contact with the ball using his standing leg before converting.


Sunderland believed that the goal should have been disallowed, which would have maintained the score at 1-0 in favor of the hosts despite their dominance in the game up to that moment.


“It’s a tough situation for me when it comes to refereeing because I realize that it’s a very challenging job for them and they are human, so mistakes are bound to happen,” he explained.


“We had two penalties in the previous match that were not awarded, the goal [Armstrong’s penalty] should have been canceled out, but I’m not going to publicly criticize, as that’s not my style. I prefer to concentrate entirely on Sunderland and how we can improve.


Sometimes these decisions work in your favor, and sometimes they don’t. In the last two games, we’ve had two major decisions go against us. It is what it is, and I can’t change that now. What I can do is return to the training ground on Monday and strive to get better.”


Sunderland will be up against QPR in a crucial match next Saturday.