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Liverpool’s summer transfer window dream scenario involves Florian Wirtz finalizing a signing with an experienced player.



In the perfect summer transfer window scenario for Liverpool, Florian Wirtz is expected to be done with an experienced target.


Liverpool is set to undergo some significant changes this summer, with a new manager taking charge and a new sporting director already in place.


However, despite these changes, it would be wise for the Reds to approach the transfer market with caution and avoid making drastic alterations to the squad.


The arrival of a new manager will undoubtedly bring about a period of adjustment, and both Michael Edwards and Richard Hughes will have their hands full with various considerations.


Alongside the behind-the-scenes adjustments, the contract situations of key players such as Mohamed Salah, Virgil van Dijk, and Trent Alexander-Arnold will also need to be addressed. Currently, these players have just over a year remaining on their contracts, making it crucial for the club to secure their long-term futures.


Overall, while change is on the horizon for Liverpool, a measured and strategic approach to the summer transfer window will be key in ensuring a smooth transition and maintaining the stability of the squad.


Ideally, it would be optimal to retain all three players. This is not solely due to sentimental reasons, but because each player continues to perform at an exceptional level that would be extremely challenging to replace.


In an ideal scenario, what other improvements could Liverpool make this summer? The truth is that the squad left behind by Jürgen Klopp will be prepared to progress and continue their success. While there may not be any immediate major changes, there are areas that will require attention.


“Florian Wirtz is the ideal transfer target” – Matt Addison

Predicting Liverpool’s needs for the summer is difficult as it will depend on the new manager’s style of play. However, it is unlikely that a manager with a completely different approach will be brought in, as that would not align with the team’s current direction.


In defense, Liverpool may need to find a replacement for Joël Matip once his contract expires. Adding a young defender to the squad could prove beneficial, with players like Piero Hincapié (Bayer Leverkusen) or Gonçalo Inácio (Sporting CP) appearing to be suitable options. Both players are left-footed, which could help balance the defensive line.


An additional option in midfield and attack would be ideal but not essential. Florian Wirtz, the talented young playmaker from Leverkusen, has the ability to contribute in both areas. Although he may come with a hefty price tag, especially if he performs well in the upcoming European Championship, which is highly likely, Wirtz would be a valuable investment.


According to James Martin, Levi Colwill would still be a significant acquisition. Regardless of who takes charge as the new manager, Liverpool will undoubtedly need to strengthen their defense. The specific profile of the target may vary depending on the manager, but it is evident that the squad requires some rejuvenation.


While Van Dijk still has plenty of time at the top level and deserves a new contract, it is crucial to plan for the long-term. The 32-year-old will eventually need a successor, and the same applies to Andy Robertson. Additionally, with Matip’s departure, the need for reinforcements becomes even more apparent.


In a way, it is somewhat relieving that Liverpool was unable to secure Levi Colwill from Chelsea last summer. This has paved the way for Jarell Quansah, whose stock has risen significantly. He is now poised to play a crucial role in the club’s future plans, regardless of the manager in charge.


Colwill’s presence in the elite roster remains justified. Despite signing a new contract amidst transfer interest, Chelsea might need to offload more homegrown talent, making it crucial for Liverpool to stay vigilant for potential opportunities.