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Jurgen Klopp replies to Mark Clattenburg’s comment in the aftermath of Liverpool’s victory against Nottingham Forest.



Jurgen Klopp refuted the allegations made by Mark Clattenburg regarding Darwin Nunez’s winning goal, asserting that Liverpool’s position at the top of the Premier League table was well-deserved.


Despite his injury, Nunez made a remarkable comeback by scoring the decisive goal in the ninth minute of stoppage-time, securing a thrilling 1-0 triumph over Nottingham Forest at the City Ground. This victory propelled Liverpool four points ahead in the title race.


Nunez returned from injury to make a significant impact, coming off the bench to secure a thrilling 1-0 win for Liverpool against Nottingham Forest at the City Ground. The Uruguay striker scored in the ninth minute of stoppage time, helping Liverpool extend their lead to four points in the title race.


However, Nottingham Forest were left frustrated by referee Paul Tierney’s decision-making. The play was halted due to a head injury suffered by Liverpool defender Ibrahima Konate.


Despite Forest being in possession, the ball was returned to Liverpool goalkeeper Caoimhin Kelleher. Nunez found the back of the net just a minute and 50 seconds later, sparking celebrations among the Liverpool fans and leaving the home team outraged.


At full-time, Forest coach Steven Reid received a red card, while Nuno Espirito Santo opted not to comment on the controversial incident. Former Premier League referee Mark Clattenburg, who was working as a referee analyst for Forest, criticized the decision, stating, “[Forest] should have been given the ball back.


“When the game is stopped, the team in possession should receive the ball. In this case, it was Forest. Handing the ball to the goalkeeper, followed by Liverpool scoring, understandably left [Forest] feeling hard done by.”


Klopp did not find any fault with the decision, citing a similar incident in the first half. He mentioned, “It happened exactly the same in the first half, didn’t it? It was exactly the same, just the other way around, right? What would you say about that? I expected it exactly to happen like that because it happened in the first half like that. If it wouldn’t have happened in the first half, I would have asked a question as well.


“But I would now assume that’s the rule. I don’t know to be 100 per cent sure because it happened twice and twice it got handled exactly the same. So, I don’t really see the reason for the discussions because that’s it and I don’t know how many passes we had to play to arrive there and score the goal.


But I understand 100 per cent the excitement and the anger and stuff like this of Nottingham, of course. They fight for everything and I understand that, but I think with the particular situation where it was twice the same then I would say that’s consistent.”