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‘He made it look easy’: “very talented youngster” Roy Keane and Ian Wright blown away by Liverpool youngster after FA Cup win…



Roy Keane and Ian Wright were left impressed by the performance of the Liverpool youngster, who made it look easy during the FA Cup win.


The Liverpool youngsters had another memorable night, this time in the FA Cup, securing progression to the next round with a 3-0 victory over Southampton at Anfield on Wednesday night. Despite appearing to be an easy win for Jurgen Klopp’s team, the Championship side had opportunities to score in the first half.


Roy Keane and Ian Wright were left impressed by the performance of the Liverpool youngster during the FA Cup victory. The match against Southampton ended in a 3-0 win for Liverpool at Anfield, showcasing the talent of the young players once again. Despite the seemingly easy win on paper, the Championship team put up a tough fight in the first half, proving that it was not a simple victory for Jurgen Klopp’s side.


Jurgen Klopp’s team may have appeared to have an easy victory on paper, but the reality was quite different. The Championship team had several opportunities to score in the first half, but their lack of clinical finishing cost them dearly.


Instead, it was Liverpool’s rising star, Jayden Danns, who punished their opponents not once, but twice, coming off the bench. This impressive performance caught the attention of two legendary figures, Roy Keane and Ian Wright, who spoke highly of the young forward and his goal-scoring abilities during an interview with ITV Sport.


Keane, the former Manchester United captain, was particularly impressed with how effortlessly the 18-year-old made his second goal and how quickly he reacted to the rebound.


Ian Wright praised Jayden Danns for handling the pressure of being in Liverpool’s academy and performing well on the big stage. Danns’ performance in the FA Cup for Liverpool was impressive, with Roy Keane highlighting his excellent goals and decision-making skills. Keane emphasized the importance of young players seizing their opportunities at top clubs, and Danns certainly did that during the match.


Jayden Danns will cherish this moment for a long time, now showcasing his skills in a Liverpool jersey.


Keane praised Danns’ performance in the FA Cup, highlighting the importance of young players seizing their opportunities at top clubs. Danns’ excellent goals demonstrated the quality and decision-making that sets Liverpool’s young talents apart. Keane particularly admired Danns’ second goal for its quick reaction and instinctive play, making it look effortless.


Wright’s assessment of Danns is highly positive, highlighting his success in navigating the pressures of Liverpool’s academy and his ability to score goals at both youth and senior levels. The first goal is analyzed, with emphasis on Danns’ intelligent movement to stay onside and his instinctive finish without even looking at the goalkeeper.


The second goal is praised for Danns’ positioning and anticipation, as he swiftly moves towards the ball and executes a well-placed strike. Wright emphasizes the importance of such goals, often underestimated, that result from following up on opportunities.


Looking ahead, with important fixtures approaching, including a FA Cup match against Manchester United and the pursuit of the Premier League title, it will be intriguing to see how Klopp utilizes Liverpool’s young talents.


Given the team’s injury concerns and the upcoming schedule, it is likely that fans will witness more of Danns in action. With his lively presence in the attacking third, he could prove to be a valuable asset coming off the bench.