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Former PGMOL boss expresses frustration over Howard Webb’s comments on the Liverpool incident, labeling it as utter nonsense.



Former PGMOL boss expresses outrage over Howard Webb’s comments on Liverpool incident, calling it utter nonsense.


The ex-PGMOL chief expressed strong disapproval upon learning of Howard Webb’s comments regarding the Liverpool incident, labeling it as utter nonsense.


Howard Webb’s recent remarks regarding an incident during the Liverpool and Manchester City match have sparked discontent among many individuals.


Liverpool, Manchester City, and Arsenal are currently engaged in a thrilling battle for the Premier League title, making it one of the most captivating races in recent years.


Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola met for the final time at Anfield earlier this month, sparking controversy in the game.


One specific event has caused anger as numerous individuals believed that Liverpool should have been awarded a penalty due to a foul committed by Jeremy Doku on Alexis Mac Allister.


Webb, currently serving as the head of the PGMOL, discussed this matter yesterday, and his remarks have not been well-received.


Howard Webb defends Alexis Mac Allister incident during Liverpool vs Manchester City


The incident involving Alexis Mac Allister during the Liverpool vs Manchester City match is widely known, but for those unaware, here is a brief explanation.


The Reds were pressing for the winning goal towards the end of the match. The ball was up in the air between Alexis Mac Allister and Jeremy Doku, and both players opted to challenge for it.


Doku went in with his foot and made contact with Mac Allister before touching the ball. The referee allowed play to continue and the VAR confirmed the decision.


Howard Webb, in his Mic’d Up series on the Premier League’s official website, discussed the incident and concurred with the referee and VAR.


He stated: “This situation has divided opinions, hasn’t it? If the referee had awarded a foul on the field, the VAR would have completed the check.


“Similarly, by not awarding a foul, the VAR check is also complete. Michael Oliver mentioned that the ball was contested by both players. The ball was too low for a header. Doku raised his foot to play the ball, and he did make contact with it.


“Indeed, there was some contact on Mac Allister as well. Mac Allister moved towards him. Mac Allister was not really attempting to play the ball either. Therefore, I can see why opinions are split.”


Keith Hackett, the former head of PGMOL, expressed his anger towards Howard Webb for his comments regarding the decision.


Hackett strongly believes that both the referee and the VAR made a mistake by not awarding Liverpool a penalty. He criticized Webb for not acknowledging the error and defended Liverpool’s right to a penalty.


Hackett took to Twitter to voice his frustration, stating, “Howard, are you seriously suggesting that it wasn’t a foul? This is indefensible, and you should not be defending it.” He further criticized Webb’s understanding of Law 12 in another tweet, calling it “nonsense” and highlighting the careless and reckless definition.


When responding to a fan, Hackett reiterated his stance, emphasizing that the boot was too high and made contact with Mac Allister, making it a clear foul. He firmly believes that Liverpool should have been awarded a penalty kick without any doubt.