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Arsenal eliminated from Champions League by Bayern Munich due to fatigue, lack of experience, and a shortage of ideas as pointed out by…



Arsenal’s exit from the Champions League was marked by fatigue, inexperience, and a lack of creativity. Despite a 1-0 defeat to Bayern Munich, the biggest disappointment was that Arsenal never truly competed in the game. This loss has dashed their hopes for a successful season, leaving them unfulfilled once again.


Arsenal failed to rise to the occasion. They were unable to match the powerful impact of Joshua Kimmich’s winning header, which sealed a 3-2 aggregate victory for Bayern. Mikel Arteta now faces the daunting task of finding solutions, especially considering that Arsenal offered little resistance to Bayern’s attacks. The manager’s pained expression after bringing on Eddie Nketiah seemed more like a formality rather than a genuine attempt to change the outcome.


The focus wasn’t solely on Arsenal in the match. Bayern Munich showcased their traditional strengths reminiscent of their past glory in the Champions League.


Thomas Tuchel outplayed Arteta, highlighting the experience his players gained over the years in the competition. This narrative is hard to dispute. Despite the feeling that this might be the end of an era, it’s challenging to question Bayern’s capability to clinch the title.


This only added to Arsenal’s disappointment, as they missed a golden opportunity against one of Bayern’s weaker teams in recent years. There seemed to be a sense of inferiority throughout the game. It wasn’t the ideal match for owner Stan Kroenke to witness after an extended absence.


There was no extravagant display, no final dramatic assault. It was difficult not to draw a connection between this and the cautious approach they had adopted at the beginning of the game.


In essence, they had started off with a conservative mindset. Their main priority seemed to be maintaining their defensive shape rather than taking control of the game. The exact reason behind this approach was unclear. Was it a tactical decision, influenced by Bayern’s ability to exploit open spaces in the previous leg? Or was it due to a lack of confidence following the 2-2 draw and the 2-0 defeat to Aston Villa?


This cautious approach did create difficulties for Bayern. Without the same amount of space to exploit, they seemed unsure of what to do. This resulted in a few unnecessary individual errors, such as Kimmich carelessly giving the ball away and Matthijs de Ligt almost losing control of it.


Their attacking focus was not as sharp, with Raphaël Guerreiro’s attempt at crossing the ball into the goal being the only notable exception. Instead, they relied heavily on set-pieces. Leon Goretzka came close to scoring with a header that hit the crossbar, and Kimmich followed up by smashing the loose ball towards David Raya.


Arsenal attempted to make a breakthrough, resulting in Gabriel Martinelli having the best opportunity of the first half. Despite being in a good position, he struck the ball straight into Manuel Neuer’s arms. However, their efforts were not sufficient, as they seemed indecisive.


This allowed Bayern to capitalize on the situation. Konrad Laimer advanced through the midfield, passing the ball to Guerreiro, who was very active throughout the game. Guerreiro managed to evade Ben White and deliver a precise cross to Kimmich, who scored a powerful header.


Arsenal needed to react and show more urgency. They appeared too focused on a controlled style of play, which led to Bayern exploiting the wings and causing chaos in their defense.


Unfortunately, Arsenal failed to create enough opportunities in the attacking third. Bayern remained untroubled and easily maintained their lead. Despite Arteta’s complaints about the short injury time, Arsenal struggled to break through Bayern’s defense, similar to the first leg.


It could be exhaustion. It could be lack of experience. It could be a shortage of creativity. Regardless of the cause, it needs to be addressed.


Bayern Munich can now consider the possibility of winning this tournament, and perhaps even providing Harry Kane with that special moment at Wembley.


Arsenal must reflect on how they were defeated so easily.