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Thierry Henry expresses his anger and disappointment towards an Arsenal player’s actions during the recent match against Bayern Munich in the Champions League.



The performance of an Arsenal player in the recent Champions League game against Bayern Munich has left Thierry Henry furious.


Thierry Henry expresses his anger and disappointment towards an Arsenal player’s actions during last night’s match against Bayern Munich in the Champions League.


Following a 2-2 draw in the first leg, Arsenal traveled to the Allianz Arena with high hopes. Mikel Arteta’s team believed in their abilities and even received a prediction of victory from Arsene Wenger.


Unfortunately, a remarkable header by Joshua Kimmich in the second half, along with outstanding defensive efforts from Bayern, resulted in their defeat. Thierry Henry’s frustration stems from witnessing the performance of one particular Arsenal player.


The German powerhouses have successfully advanced to the semi-finals of the Champions League, where they are set to confront Real Madrid. Manchester City, on the other hand, was eliminated by the Galacticos in a penalty shootout last night.


During the match analysis, Henry expressed his extreme displeasure towards a particular Arsenal player.



Thierry Henry criticizes Takehiro Tomiyasu for his actions against Bayern Munich.

Arsenal showed promise in the first half, with both teams being cautious initially. The Gunners controlled possession and managed to create opportunities for Gabriel Martinelli.

However, Bayern Munich dominated the second half, putting Arsenal on the back foot and hitting the woodwork twice in quick succession.


In the first half, Arsenal displayed a commendable performance, remaining highly competitive throughout the game.


Both teams exhibited a cautious approach at the beginning of the match, but the Gunners effectively controlled possession and managed to create a couple of scoring opportunities for Gabriel Martinelli.


However, Bayern Munich emerged much stronger in the second half, exerting immense pressure on Arsenal. They even struck the woodwork twice within a matter of seconds.


In the 63rd minute of the match, Joshua Kimmich scored a powerful header, taking advantage of Arsenal’s lackluster defending. This goal proved to be decisive, securing the victory for the home team.


After the game, Jamie Carragher analyzed the goal and placed the blame on Martinelli for switching off and allowing Kimmich to find space inside the box. According to the Liverpool legend, Martinelli’s lapse in concentration was the main reason why Arsenal conceded.


However, Thierry Henry had a different perspective. The legendary Frenchman pointed out Takehiro Tomiyasu as the culprit, arguing that the 25-year-old was too focused on an out-of-position Leroy Sane instead of closing the gap. Henry expressed his disagreement with Carragher’s assessment, emphasizing that Tomiyasu’s defensive responsibilities should have been prioritized.


During a discussion on CBS Sports, Henry passionately defended his viewpoint, challenging Carragher by suggesting that if he were in Martinelli’s position, he would have been defending against Sane. Henry urged Carragher to closely observe Tomiyasu’s actions to understand his argument.


“Martinelli needs to focus on defending, so you, Martinelli, should be taking over Tomiyasu’s responsibilities at the moment. Therefore, please make sure to stay close to Tomiyasu and provide support.”


“What is Leroy Sane doing in that position? Look at him. He won’t be able to score! Narrow the distance! He has no chance of scoring! How can he possibly make an impact? He’s not even in the picture.”


“This is where he was, Jamie, I know it’s a stretch, but he was off the pitch. How can he possibly find the net from there? And Tomiyasu is keeping a close eye on Sane. Close the gap!”


Another Arsenal player had a disappointing performance. While Takehiro Tomiyasu may have played a part in Bayern Munich’s goal, overall, the Japan international had a commendable game.


Numerous Arsenal fans also praised his display last night.


The reason for Arsenal’s loss yesterday cannot be solely attributed to Tomiyasu or his fellow defenders. It primarily stems from the shortcomings of their attacking players, particularly Bukayo Saka.


Saka is undeniably one of Arsenal’s top players, possessing incredible talent. However, it is evident that he had the worst game of his Gunners career last night.


Saka failed to register any shots on target, create any chances, and struggled with both his crosses and dribbles. Additionally, he lost possession of the ball 13 times.


It was an evening to forget for the young Saka, and Mikel Arteta will be hopeful that he can bounce back against Wolves on Saturday.