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Top-3 Free Agents I Wish the Dallas Cowboys to Keep.



The Dallas Cowboys fans were extremely hopeful that this season would be their best opportunity to win the Super Bowl, and their optimism was well-founded.


Dak Prescott proved to be the most exceptional passing quarterback in the NFC, and it is crucial for teams with such talented quarterbacks to make the most of that advantage.


Regrettably, the Cowboys were unable to seize the moment, succumbing to the 7th-seed Packers at home, just like Bluebonnets withering after a Texas frost. One of the primary factors that made this season so crucial was the presence of several players entering free agency.


The Dallas Cowboys’ fanbase was unwavering in their belief that this season presented the greatest chance for a Super Bowl victory, and their conviction was justified.


Dak Prescott undeniably stood out as the premier passing quarterback in the NFC, and it is imperative for teams to capitalize on such a significant talent gap.


Unfortunately, the Cowboys failed to seize the opportunity, faltering at home against the 7th-seed Packers, akin to Bluebonnets wilting after a Texas frost. The list of players entering free agency further emphasized the importance of this particular year.


The Cowboys have a total of 16 players whose contracts are set to expire, and a significant number of them play crucial roles in terms of depth and rotation.


Today, I would like to engage in a little exercise.


Out of these 16 impending free agents, if we were only allowed to choose three to bring back, which three would they be?


Here are my top three picks.


Firstly, LT Tyron Smith. I understand that some of you may be skeptical about this choice, but please hear me out.


Did you know that Tyron Smith was recognized as a 2nd-team All-Pro in 2023? This marked the fifth time he has received such a prestigious accolade.


Interestingly, this was also the first time since 2016 that he earned this honor.


So, what led to this change?


Primarily, it was the decision made by the Dallas team to provide Tyron with regular rest days throughout the entire season. This alteration in his routine helped preserve his body and allowed him to perform at his absolute best when it truly mattered – during games.


Although Tyron is starting to show signs of aging, this season demonstrated that he is still more than capable of excelling as an elite left tackle.


Additionally, Tyler Smith, who played as a left guard, also received All-Pro recognition this season. Personally, I believe it would be preferable to keep him in that position rather than shifting him to left tackle.


Therefore, my suggestion is to bring Tyron back on a one-year contract and simultaneously draft a promising left tackle who can benefit from his mentorship and eventually take over the position in the future.


CB Stephon Gilmore is another veteran player who I believe deserves another year with the Dallas team. In 2023, Gilmore showcased his skills on the field and provided much-needed experience to a young secondary group. Despite not receiving the same level of recognition as in previous seasons, Gilmore made a valuable contribution to the defense.


This became particularly evident when the Cowboys lost their star cornerback Trevon Diggs to a season-ending ACL injury early on. In 2022, Dallas struggled to cope with injuries in their cornerback department, which ultimately impacted their playoff performance.


However, with Gilmore’s presence, the team gains stability on one side of the field and allows Diggs ample time to fully recover without a significant decline in talent.


Perhaps Gilmore would be open to accepting a team-friendly contract to avoid joining his fifth team in as many years. Additionally, first-team All-Pro DaRon Bland could greatly benefit from another year of learning from one of the greatest players to ever step onto the field.


Tyler Biadasz is a controversial pick, but despite his flaws as a run-blocker, it is crucial to maintain continuity for Prescott.


The connection between the center and the quarterback should not be underestimated, considering the history. Aikman played his best football with Stepnoski, and Romo had his most successful years with Frederick.


Biadasz has been a constant for Prescott since he was drafted in 2020. Although he didn’t get the nod for 2023, Biadasz’s first and only Pro Bowl appearance in the previous season adds value. This accolade might increase his price, but Dallas should be able to negotiate a three-year deal to ensure Dak remains comfortable under center.

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