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The ex-Sunderland manager provided an intriguing answer when questioned about the possibility of making a comeback.



Former Sunderland manager Gus Poyet was recently asked about the possibility of returning to the club. Poyet, who is currently unemployed after leaving his position as the Greece national team manager, has been away from Sunderland for nine years.


Gus Poyet has recently been asked about the possibility of returning to Sunderland, the club he previously managed.


Currently unemployed after his stint as the Greece national team boss, Poyet left Sunderland nine years ago after a two-year period in charge. During his time at the club, he oversaw 75 games, winning 23, drawing 23, and losing 29, resulting in a win ratio of 30.7%.


This win percentage is higher than many other managers who were in charge around the same time. Since leaving Sunderland, Poyet has managed various clubs including AEK Athens, Real Betis, Shanghai Shenhua, Bordeaux, Universidad Catolica, and the Greek national team.


In a recent interview, Poyet discussed the current situation at Sunderland, who are currently in search of a new manager. He acknowledged that Sunderland is a good club with a large fan base and mentioned that they exceeded expectations last season by reaching the play-offs. Poyet also highlighted the challenges faced by the team this season, particularly with a young squad.


He mentioned the short tenures of Michael Beale and Mike Dodds, who have both had difficulties during their spells in charge.


Dodds has been victorious twice, drawn three times, and suffered five losses. Despite this, the Black Cats have only lost one of their last six matches.


Poyet emphasized the importance of stability for the team to progress amidst all the changes.


The finishing position of this season may align with what was expected of Sunderland last year, with the goal of moving up the table this year.


It is crucial for Sunderland to maintain a sense of calm and have a clear vision for the future. Guiding the talented young players with a strong head coach will be key for their development and success in the upcoming season.


Gus Poyet shared his thoughts on a potential return to Sunderland, expressing his willingness to come back if given the opportunity.


In response to the situation, he simply stated:


“I have a close relationship with the Sunderland owners as I am familiar with them. It is a promising club with great potential.”


Despite Poyet’s previous tenure at Sunderland predating the arrival of current co-owner Juan Sartori, both individuals originate from Montevideo, Uruguay’s capital city, which could explain their connection.


Kyril Louis-Dreyfus must adopt a particular stance regarding Gus Poyet.

Sunderland owners Kyril Louis-Dreyfus and Sartori, alongside sporting director Kristjaan Speakman, face a significant challenge this summer.


The primary task at hand is the appointment of a new manager, followed by player transfers.


After the unfortunate Beale incident, the Black Cats are in dire need of making the right choice with their next managerial appointment, and they can achieve that by selecting a manager who resonates well with the fans.


Someone like Will Still would be a favorable choice among supporters, whereas Poyet may not be.


Although Poyet performed reasonably well during his time at Sunderland and possesses experience, the club needs to embrace more innovative approaches. Poyet has not managed in England since his departure from the Black Cats in 2015.


If Sunderland were to hire Poyet, it could potentially lead to a negative reaction from the fanbase, ultimately setting Poyet up for failure, similar to what happened with Beale.


Therefore, despite his connections within the Sunderland boardroom and his experience, it appears unlikely and unnecessary for Poyet to make a return.