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Sunderland may want to consider a league rival as a potential alternative to Will Still for the championship boss position…



Sunderland may want to consider a Championship boss as a potential alternative to Will Still, as he is regarded as a top manager.


Sunderland made the decision to dismiss Michael Beale this week and have appointed Mike Dodds as the interim manager until the end of the season.


Dodds will now have the opportunity to salvage any hopes of reaching the play-offs in the remaining 13 games. If he performs well, he may be considered by the Sunderland owners for a permanent position. However, it appears that the club is planning to hire a new manager in the summer, with Will Still being linked to the position once again.


Still, the 31-year-old boss of Reims, has continued to impress in Ligue 1 and was previously linked to the managerial vacancy at the Stadium of Light following Tony Mowbray’s departure in December.


The 31-year-old Reims manager is making waves in Ligue 1 and has been linked to the Stadium of Light vacancy following Tony Mowbray’s departure in December.


Sunderland is eyeing Will Still

In an exclusive interview with Sunderland AFC News, Graeme Bailey disclosed that Kyril Louis-Dreyfus is keen on bringing Still on board this summer.


Still is considered the top choice for the Black Cats job, but his services won’t come cheap, as reports suggest his compensation could exceed £4 million.


Therefore, the Sunderland owners are likely to explore other options, including Sheffield Wednesday’s manager Danny Rohl, who could be a more affordable yet promising candidate for the club.


Danny Rohl has emerged as a potential alternative to Will Still due to his impressive performance at Sheffield Wednesday. At just 34 years old, Rohl became the youngest coach in the English Football League when he took charge of the team in October. Upon his arrival, Sheffield Wednesday was struggling with only three points and seemed destined for relegation.


However, Rohl’s impact has been remarkable. Under his guidance, the Owls have experienced a significant turnaround, accumulating crucial victories and now sitting on 29 points. With just four points behind, they have a fighting chance in the final stretch of the season.


Not only has Rohl transformed the club’s fortunes, but he has also revolutionized their style of play. Sheffield Wednesday has become a dominant force, showcasing their ability to pass the ball fluidly and launch effective attacks. In a recent match against league leaders Leicester City, the Owls displayed their prowess by maintaining 39% possession and outshooting their opponents 10 to 4.


Rohl’s success at Sheffield Wednesday makes him a compelling option as an alternative to Will Still. His youth, tactical acumen, and ability to instill a winning mentality have proven instrumental in the team’s resurgence.


Rohl, praised as a ‘top manager’ by Barry Bannan, the captain of Wednesday, has consistently brought out the best in what is considered an average team. As the Owls are in danger of relegation this season, it is possible that Rohl has caught the attention of some Championship clubs for potential job opportunities in the upcoming summer.


The cost of acquiring Rohl for Sunderland is uncertain at this point. However, he is known for his attractive style of attacking football and his impressive coaching background with Southampton, Bayern Munich, and the German national team.


One aspect that may raise questions is his ability to nurture young talent. With limited experience in this area and not having had many transfer windows at Sheffield Wednesday, this could be a concern for the decision-makers at Sunderland.


Nevertheless, in terms of footballing philosophy and aspirations, Rohl could be a great match for Sunderland.