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“Not everything lasts forever” – Alisson opens up about his feelings on Jürgen Klopp’s farewell from Liverpool, “Klopp has had a huge impact on my career,” he said…



Alisson from Liverpool reflects on Jürgen Klopp’s departure in an emotional interview. The goalkeeper discusses the impact of the manager on his career and the special bond they share.


ESPN Brasil has released a captivating piece shedding light on Jürgen Klopp’s imminent departure from Liverpool.


In a recent extensive interview with Alisson, the Reds’ goalkeeper, the outlet delves into a dedicated section where the player shares his thoughts on his esteemed manager.


Klopp played a pivotal role in Liverpool’s decision to secure Alisson’s services from AS Roma for a staggering €62.5m in the summer of 2018.


Reflecting on this significant transfer, the goalkeeper fondly reminisces about the coach’s profound impact, emphasizing the swift development of a remarkable friendship between them.


Alisson expressed his gratitude towards Klopp, acknowledging the significant impact he has had on his career.


He credited Klopp for providing him with the opportunities to experience the remarkable journey he has had in football, reaching new heights and achieving great success.


Alisson emphasized that Klopp was the one who paved the way for him at Liverpool, enabling him to attain these remarkable accomplishments. Their strong bond is further strengthened by their shared beliefs, similar worldviews, and a mutual understanding of the game.


Alisson also highlighted how Klopp has been a pillar of support during challenging moments at Liverpool, standing by his side. Alisson firmly believes in Klopp’s philosophy and trusts in his guidance, as it has proven to be effective for the team.


Witnessing the positive outcomes of Klopp’s approach motivates Alisson and the players to embrace it wholeheartedly, knowing that it is in the best interest of the collective group.


“He has had a significant impact on my career,” he expressed.


“He is the individual who provided me with all of this, enabling me to experience everything I have encountered in recent years in the realm of football, reaching this remarkable level, and attaining the accomplishments I have achieved.”

“He was the one who paved the way for me, as Liverpool granted me these triumphs. I have a highly favorable rapport with him. Our beliefs align, our perspectives on the world are practically identical, and even our outlook on football is similar, which I believe facilitates our harmonious relationship.”

Alisson divulged further insights into why their bond is so strong and recollected that Klopp stood by his side during some of his most challenging moments at Liverpool.


“I have faith in what he believes in. Therefore, what he demands, not only from me but from all the players here, is the guiding principle because we have faith in his words,” he added.


“We have witnessed its effectiveness, and when you witness it firsthand, you are motivated to replicate it. You understand that what he advocates is in the best interest of the team.”


He has been a tremendous support to me during challenging times. When I faced the loss of my father, he stood by me every step of the way.


The respect, affection, and admiration I hold for him are immense. It is unfortunate that his time at Liverpool is drawing to a close, but such is life. Nothing is permanent.


Together, they achieved remarkable success, including a Champions League, a Club World Cup, a Premier League, a UEFA Super Cup, two League Cups, and an FA Cup.


Klopp’s departure after 489 games in charge will undoubtedly leave a void for Alisson in the years to come.