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Michael Beale provides insight into Sunderland’s strategy for managing a devastating injury setback.



Michael Beale has emphasized the importance of finding alternatives on Sunderland’s right side following the unfortunate injury to Patrick Roberts. He believes that Abdoullah Ba and Romaine Mundle have the potential to step up and provide the necessary solution for the team.


Sunderland is currently facing a challenge on their right side due to the injury of Patrick Roberts. In light of this, Michael Beale believes that Abdoullah Ba and Romaine Mundle have the potential to provide the necessary solutions.


Following Roberts’ unfortunate exit during the match against Huddersfield, Beale expressed his disappointment, considering it a major setback considering the winger had just returned from a previous injury.


Nevertheless, Sunderland can rely on the abilities of young talents Ba and Mundle, who have the opportunity to step up and fill the void left by Roberts. Additionally, there is also the possibility of Nazariy Rusyn contributing to finding a solution in that position.


Beale has issued a challenge to all players, urging them to seize the chance that lies before them. It is evident that we need to focus on improving our performance on the right side of the field. Although we have lost our key starter, this presents a significant opportunity for Abdoullah and Romaine.


Recently, we have managed to score several goals from that particular side, and Abdoullah has shown decent form. We must find a solution with the players we currently have at our disposal.


Considering the events of the week and the minutes they have played, it is only fair that Romaine and Abdoullah share the playing time this weekend. Therefore, it is highly likely that you will witness both players alternating in that position.


Roberts’ situation is not looking optimistic at all, as he has suffered a completely different injury from the one he previously had.


Although there is no official confirmation yet, it seems highly likely that Roberts will be absent for at least a month. This is particularly concerning as Sunderland is scheduled to face several strong teams in the Championship during this period.


Beale, commenting on Roberts’ condition, mentioned that the scan revealed an injury on the opposite side of his hamstring compared to his previous injury, but it is believed to be very similar. This is a disappointing setback for both Roberts and the team, especially considering the efforts made to carefully manage his playing time.


Initially, they were dealing with a calf issue, and now they have to contend with a hamstring injury. It is undoubtedly a difficult situation for Paddy and the entire team.

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