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Michael Beale expresses regret to Trai Hume for overlooking the handshake…



Michael Beale has issued an apology to Trai Hume for unintentionally overlooking the Sunderland player’s handshake gesture, following criticism from Black Cats supporters on social media.


Sunderland manager Michael Beale has expressed regret for not acknowledging Trai Hume’s handshake attempt, which led to backlash from fans of the Black Cats on social media.


Beale’s viral video has caused a stir among certain factions of Sunderland fans, who are now demanding his dismissal from the club.


The incident occurred during the 88th minute, when Hume was substituted while Beale’s team was trailing Birmingham 2-1 and desperately searching for a late equalizer.


As Hume extended his hand towards Beale while walking past him towards the substitutes bench, the 21-year-old was completely ignored by his manager, who remained focused on closely observing the game.


Beale publicly praised Trai Hume, highlighting him as a standout young footballer and emphasizing his positive qualities.


Upon realizing that he unintentionally missed Hume’s handshake, Beale promptly sought him out to offer an apology.


Hume’s dedication to the team was evident as he passed a fitness test to play the game, earning Beale’s utmost respect both on and off the field.


He is a shining example of everything positive about a young footballer and our team.


Beale took over as Sunderland manager in December after a less than successful stint as manager at Scottish powerhouse, Rangers.


Having served as an assistant under Steven Gerrard in the past, Beale’s appointment in the north-east sparked worries among fans regarding the club’s aspirations.


Up to now, Beale has only managed to secure victories in two out of his initial 12 matches at the Stadium of Light, leaving Sunderland in 10th place in the Championship.