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Liverpool is set to make a bid to sign a ‘superstar’ who is believed to have the potential to exceed Mo Salah’s abilities…



Liverpool is preparing to make a bid for a potential ‘superstar’ player who is believed to have the potential to surpass Mo Salah in terms of skill and impact.


The team is currently strategizing on how to strengthen the squad that was left by Jurgen Klopp in excellent condition.


While Klopp’s legacy has left Liverpool in a strong position, there are areas that could benefit from improvement, particularly in the attacking department. The team is still transitioning from the era of Firmino, Mane, and Salah.


As Salah’s career progresses, there is a need to plan for his eventual replacement, whether he stays at Anfield or moves on to a new club.


Age is a factor that cannot be ignored, and Liverpool is looking ahead to ensure a smooth transition in the future.


Liverpool is facing the challenge of finding a suitable replacement for one of their greatest players in history, which is no easy task.


However, the club seems to have identified a potential candidate and is preparing a bid for Mohammed Kudus, who has been highly regarded for his exceptional skills that could potentially surpass Salah’s brilliance.


Salah’s contributions to Liverpool cannot be easily replaced. Since joining the club in 2017, the Egyptian player has consistently delivered impressive performances and scored numerous goals.


Fortunately, it appears that Salah will remain with the team for Slot’s first season in charge. However, considering that his contract expires in 2025, it is difficult to envision him staying beyond the following year.


Consequently, Liverpool is intensifying their efforts to establish a succession plan. According to Football Transfers, the club has set their sights on Mohammed Kudus from West Ham United as a potential replacement for Salah.


Liverpool are reportedly interested in signing a winger this summer, regardless of whether Mohamed Salah stays or leaves the club.


One player who is said to be seriously considered is Kudus. The 23-year-old has an £85m release clause in his contract, which will become active in 2025. However, Liverpool are looking to negotiate a lower fee for his transfer.


There is a possibility that West Ham may consider a smaller amount for Kudus due to Lucas Paqueta’s potential ban.


West Ham had initially planned to sell Paqueta for a significant fee, but the chances of him facing a ban from the Football Association could lead to Kudus being the player they decide to sell instead.


Kudus has been receiving praise and is believed to have a bright future ahead.


Not only is he a talented player who has had an impressive season with West Ham, but he has also been compared to Mohamed Salah in terms of his playing style and abilities.


It was Kudus’ former coach from the Right To Dream academy who made a bold prediction that the Ghanaian player would surpass Salah in skill.


“Just wait two years, Kudus will rise to become the top African player,” coach Jeremy Seethal confidently stated back in January.


“I firmly believe that one day he will claim the Ballon d’Or. His progress has been evident to all. Currently, he is excelling at the highest level. He is a true superstar.”


If this prediction comes to fruition, then Liverpool may have Seethal to thank. If Liverpool decides to swap Salah for the ‘next Salah,’ it could be a stroke of good luck.


Time will tell if this prophecy comes true.