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Journalist has alluded to Sunderland’s position regarding Michael Beale’s immediate future in light of their loss to Birmingham City…



The journalist has alluded to Sunderland’s position regarding Michael Beale’s immediate future in light of their loss to Birmingham City.


Following the defeat to former manager Tony Mowbray, Michael Beale is once again facing mounting scrutiny.


Sunderland’s performance under Beale’s leadership has been mixed, with only four victories in twelve games since he took over from Mowbray before Christmas. As a result, the team currently sits in tenth place in the Championship after consecutive losses.


The head coach faced significant scrutiny when he appeared to ignore Trai Hume’s handshake during their recent visit to St Andrews, which only fueled the supporters’ demand for his dismissal.


Sunderland’s chances of making it to the play-offs this season are diminishing, yet the club shows no signs of parting ways with Beale.


Kyril Louis-Dreyfus and Kristjaan Speakman received substantial criticism for their decision to hire the 43-year-old, especially considering his lackluster tenure at Rangers after leaving QPR.


The board evidently recognizes potential in Beale, and Sunderland Echo journalist Phil Smith has forecasted their commitment to him.


During an interview on the Echo’s YouTube channel, Smith expressed his opinion, stating, “If results do not improve rapidly, I believe Michael Beale will face scrutiny. Considering the current standings, it seems like the season is on the brink.”


“I believe Sunderland will choose to support Beale, regardless of our personal agreement. They have faith in his abilities as a coach, and they anticipate that the positive outcomes of his training efforts will become apparent in due course.”


It is doubtful that Kristjaan Speakman will concede defeat in this situation. The decision to hire Michael Beale was quite perplexing, as it was evident that the outcome would not be favorable.


Beale is not suited to be a manager for Sunderland, and his coaching abilities have quickly turned the team from a promising group of players into a squad of inexperienced individuals lacking motivation to perform for the club.


It is safe to assume that any hopes of promotion can be abandoned, and persisting with Beale may result in a rapid decline in the team’s position in the league standings.


Jack Clarke’s departure this summer is already a certainty, but a potentially more calamitous conclusion to the season might entice Dan Neil, Dan Ballard, and Trai Hume to seek opportunities elsewhere at the earliest opportunity.


It is imperative for the board to abandon their stubbornness, acknowledge their grave error, and swiftly remove him from his position before irreparable damage is done.