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Jamie Carragher suggests that Arsenal should make two key signings in order to secure the Premier League title next season…



Jamie Carragher is calling on Arsenal to acquire the services of two players in order to secure their long-awaited Premier League triumph.


Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher believes that Arsenal’s chances of winning the Premier League could be improved by acquiring two new players during the summer transfer window.


The Gunners narrowly missed out on the title this season, with Manchester City ultimately claiming the championship.


Despite Arsenal’s strong performance in their final match against Everton, they fell short of the title by just two points.


With strategic signings in the upcoming transfer window, Mikel Arteta’s team could be in a strong position to challenge for the Premier League title once again next season.


According to Carragher, Arsenal is in need of a left-back and a “highly skilled attacker,” but not necessarily a center-forward, during the transfer window.


Carragher stated, “I believe they require two players. They require a left-back and I believe they need a highly skilled attacker. It is not necessary for them to have a center-forward.


People keep insisting that they need a goal scorer, but sometimes you can have a goal scorer who plays in a wider position.


“Salah is an example of this for Liverpool. Mane was also like that in the past. I simply think that Arsenal needs another top attacking player to complement Bukayo Saka.


“Then, one of the other players can fill the remaining role – Martinelli, Trossard, or Havertz. If they were to acquire another top attacker, considering those five or six names, it would be quite exciting.”


Carragher expressed his belief that Arsenal will once again be in contention for the Premier League title next season.


Throughout much of the season, Arsenal showcased their strength as one of the best teams, evident in their goal-scoring abilities, xG difference, and defensive prowess.


However, the challenge lies in the fact that Manchester City boasts exceptional players such as Foden, Haaland, and De Bruyne.


Arsenal lacks the same level of quality in their attacking lineup, which is why Carragher emphasized the need for a top-tier attacking player.


According to former Crystal Palace chairman Simon Jordan, Arsenal is poised to clinch the Premier League title in the upcoming season due to what he describes as a “natural progression.”


Jordan expressed his confidence in Arsenal’s potential during a recent statement, stating, “I firmly believe that Arsenal will emerge victorious in the Premier League. There is a clear trajectory of improvement.”


He further elaborated, “When you consider the team’s performance, they have gone from earning 84 points to 89 points. Additionally, their successful Champions League campaign demonstrates their ability to compete on multiple fronts.”


Jordan also highlighted the importance of managerial involvement and tactical decisions, emphasizing that a few adjustments, particularly in matches against Aston Villa and during the Christmas period, could significantly enhance Arsenal’s chances of success.


With these factors in mind, he believes that Arsenal is well-positioned to make a strong impact in the league.