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Arteta’s choice to drop me is something I agree with – I am likely to leave Arsenal in the summer. – “There are no hard feelings or spite from me,” said Tierney…



Kieran Tierney has acknowledged that his future with Arsenal remains uncertain after completing a loan spell at Real Sociedad.


The left-back has expressed that there is a strong possibility of him permanently leaving Arsenal in the upcoming summer transfer window.


I agree with Arteta’s decision to exclude me from the team, which has led me to consider leaving Arsenal in the upcoming summer transfer window.


Kieran Tierney acknowledges that his future with the Gunners remains uncertain, especially after completing a season-long loan spell at Real Sociedad.


Tierney openly admits that there is a strong possibility of him departing Arsenal permanently during the upcoming summer transfer window.


Currently, Tierney is on loan at Real Sociedad in La Liga for the duration of the season. As a left-back, he has showcased his skills in 22 appearances for the Spanish club, despite facing several injury setbacks.


Unfortunately, Tierney has suffered from two separate hamstring injuries and is currently recovering from an adductor injury, causing him to miss a total of 18 games for Sociedad this season. However, there is a chance that he will make his comeback this week as Sociedad prepares to face Barcelona on Monday night.


Arsenal secured Tierney from Celtic in 2019 for a fee of approximately £25 million. He quickly established himself as the primary left-back for the Gunners, a position he held until the arrival of Oleksandr Zinchenko from Manchester City in 2022.


During the previous season, Tierney featured in 27 Premier League matches but was only included in the starting lineup on six occasions by manager Mikel Arteta. The left-back has now shared insights on his future with Arsenal, acknowledging the likelihood of departing the Emirates Stadium once more.


Tierney expressed, “There is a strong possibility,” in an interview with The Athletic when questioned about the possibility of having already played his final game for Arsenal. “Considering the depth of the squad in that position now.


“They now have [Oleksandr] Zinchenko, [Jurrien] Timber, [Takehiro] Tomiyasu, [Jakub] Kiwior. There are four players who can fill that role. So if I return and the situation remains the same as before, I am realistic enough to understand that it is probable I will be moving on.”


It’s impossible to predict what will happen in football. Take the case of [William] Saliba, for example. He returned after a couple of successful seasons on loan, which is quite rare. It’s not often that a player leaves for four years, comes back, and plays again.


“Anything can happen. I could go back and find a place for myself. So I’m ready for any scenario.”


Tierney also mentioned that he harbors no ill will towards Arsenal or Arteta for choosing to sign Zinchenko over him. He understands Arteta’s decision and believes that the past two seasons prove that it was the right choice.


“I don’t hold any grudges or resentment,” Tierney explained. “I respect the manager’s decision to move me from No 1 to No 2. That’s just how football is.”


“It was never a personal matter. It was purely tactical. Arteta believed it was in the best interest of Arsenal to achieve results, and he was absolutely correct when you analyze it. They came close to winning the league last year, and I have faith that they will succeed this year.


“The Arsenal supporters are incredible. Even after I left, whenever I or Sociedad post something, there are still fans expressing their desire for me to be there. It brings me joy because they could have easily forgotten about me since I am no longer with the club.”