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Arsene Wenger points out to Mikel Arteta the errors Arsenal made during pivotal stage of title race…



Arsene Wenger provides Mikel Arteta with insights on Arsenal’s crucial missteps during the turning point in the title race.


Arteta receives guidance from Wenger, who points out the key areas where Arsenal went wrong in the turning point of the title race.


Arsene Wenger has identified Arsenal’s goalless draw against Manchester City as the crucial moment in the title race.


Arsenal now find themselves two points behind Manchester City in the Premier League standings after a recent defeat to Aston Villa.


Wenger, who guided Arsenal to three Premier League titles during his tenure, believes that the draw with City was where things started to go wrong for the Gunners in their pursuit of the title under Mikel Arteta’s leadership.


Heading into the previous weekend, they held the top spot. However, a loss to Aston Villa and City’s victory over Luton have allowed Pep Guardiola’s team to lead the race. Despite this setback, Wenger remains confident that Arsenal has not lost momentum.


Instead, he firmly believes that the goalless draw at the Etihad Stadium in late March will have a significant impact. He expressed his disappointment that Arteta’s team did not take more risks, emphasizing that a victory was within their reach.


“It came as a complete surprise,” Wenger stated in his interview with beIN Sports, referring to the defeat against Villa. “When you’re playing for the championship at home with only eight games left and the opportunity to make a difference presents itself, you must seize it.


“The weekend’s surprise is that City has once again taken the lead. Nobody anticipated that. Of course, a team can have a poor result, but not two in a row, which is quite surprising. Arsenal still holds an advantage with their superior goal difference.


“So even if City manages a draw and we secure a win, we would be ahead of them. The frustration was evident on the day of the draw against City. It was uncertain how things would unfold after the match. Although it was a valuable point and a hard-fought one, City didn’t pose much of a threat.”


It appears that if they had exerted more effort, they could have secured the three points. The outcome will only be known at the end of the season, particularly when facing a formidable opponent and having the opportunity to secure victory.


Currently, the Gunners are trailing City by two points with only two games remaining, diminishing their chances of clinching the league title after a 20-year wait. However, Arteta remains optimistic, emphasizing that there are still many unexpected turns in the season.


“This is a possibility, and it is the reality we face at the moment. We were aware of this possibility a few months ago. Now, it is crucial to respond, maintain belief, and do everything within our power,” he stated.


In the first half, we displayed one of our most outstanding performances this season against a formidable team. We should have scored three or four goals, if not more. Unfortunately, the momentum shifted in the second half, and we were unable to replicate the control and creativity we exhibited earlier.


This is the time to step up as a leader, to show your character and make a difference because when you keep winning consistently for four months, it becomes easy. The time is now. If you aspire to win championships, you must rise to the occasion during these critical moments.