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Arsenal star Kai Havertz expressed his anger and frustration at ‘unfair’ Manchester City title win…



Kai Havertz, Arsenal’s standout player, expressed his anger over Manchester City’s title victory, labeling it as ‘unfair’.


Kai Havertz, the talented Arsenal player, expressed his deep frustration after narrowly missing out on the Premier League title to Manchester City on Sunday, deeming the outcome as unjust.


Despite his remarkable 89th-minute winning goal against Everton on the final day of the season, City’s dominant performance against West Ham secured their victory.


However, it is worth noting that Pep Guardiola’s team continues to face scrutiny due to 115 alleged violations of Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulations, allegations that City vehemently denies.


City have been absolutely dominant in the Premier League, securing an impressive 115 charges. In fact, they have achieved a remarkable feat by becoming the first English side to lift the trophy for four consecutive seasons.


In light of City’s confirmation as champions for the 2023-24 season, Havertz expressed his thoughts to TNT Sports. He acknowledged that sometimes football can be unfair, but it is something they must accept. Despite the challenges, Havertz remains hopeful for the future.


He assured Arsenal fans that next year, City will be an even stronger team, determined to give everything once again and provide the deserving fans with the success they crave.


I sympathize with the Arsenal fans, as I believe we fell short. Perhaps in a few months, we can look back and see it as a valiant effort, but at this moment, I can’t help but feel we deserved better. This may not be the end, but we will regroup and try again next year.


Arsenal captain Martin Odegaard has expressed his determination for the team to strive for success in the upcoming season.


‘Despite the disappointment we feel now, we are all committed to achieving our goals,’ Odegaard stated. ‘We have come a long way and are on the right path.


‘I am proud of the team, the club, and the fans for their unwavering support. The progress we have made is evident, and I believe in our capabilities moving forward.


‘From the day I arrived until now, there has been a significant transformation. We have made our mark, and I am confident that everyone has faith in us.’


Since my arrival until now, there has been a significant transformation. Our club has undergone a remarkable change, and I am confident that you all have faith in us.


We are currently riding a positive momentum, and we have come closer together compared to last year. As we take a break, we must utilize this time to return even stronger next year. Our determination to succeed will be unwavering.


Furthermore, Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta addressed the crowd, acknowledging their role in this journey. He emphasized that their belief and patience were instrumental in this success. The players and staff deserve immense credit for their incredible efforts.