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Arsenal set for another fine after Liverpool win as FA make ruling on Mikel Arteta & criticism of celebrating…



Following their victory over Liverpool, Arsenal will face consequences for the lack of discipline displayed by their players.


However, Mikel Arteta, the team’s manager, will not be penalized for his own conduct. The match between Liverpool and Arsenal was fiercely contested at the Emirates Stadium on Sunday.


Ultimately, the Gunners emerged as deserving winners, securing a 3-1 victory that propelled them back into the intense race for the Premier League title. When referee Anthony Taylor blew the final whistle, pandemonium erupted in north London.


The Emirates Stadium was filled with scenes of jubilation, including club captain Martin Odegaard celebrating alongside the official club photographer. Nevertheless, Odegaard’s actions drew criticism from Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher.


Arteta’s exuberant celebration with the fans did not go unnoticed, with TV presenter Richard Keys criticizing him for lacking “class”. However, The FA has decided not to take any action against Arteta for his display of joy.


According to the i, since the referee did not book the manager on the day, the governing body will only intervene in “extraordinary” cases. Therefore, Arteta remains in the clear despite Arsenal’s punishment.


Reports this morning indicate that Arsenal is facing a standard fine of £25,000 due to six players being booked during their match against Liverpool on Sunday. However, it seems that there will be no punishment for manager Mikel Arteta regarding his celebration.


The criticism surrounding the act of celebrating is truly absurd. It is simply nonsensical.


Do these individuals who suggest that Arsenal should remain composed and unaffected after defeating Liverpool, or any other club for that matter, truly understand what it feels like to give their all for 97 minutes in front of thousands of passionate fans? Have they never experienced overwhelming joy that makes them want to shout from the rooftops? Clearly, they have not, because if they had, they would comprehend.


Jamie Carragher, in particular, appears to be a bitter and resentful Liverpool fan who did not take kindly to witnessing his former club’s defeat.


However, I am certain that if the result had been in Liverpool’s favor, Jurgen Klopp and his players would have celebrated at the final whistle, recognizing the significance of such a victory.


Let us not forget the fans as well, who have invested their hard-earned money to support this Arsenal team, witnessing their relentless effort on the pitch.


They stood by them every minute, and it would be disheartening for them to witness a lack of emotion from the players at the end of the match. A mere handshake and departure would serve no purpose.


Fans desire to celebrate, and I am confident that they, and we, want the players to celebrate alongside us. It is a display of respect and gratitude for being united with the fans.


I must say, I truly appreciate witnessing Mikel Arteta’s celebratory gestures, both in the past and present. It is evident that those moments are a culmination of days filled with preparation, excitement, stress, and ultimately, relief and joy. It is worth noting that no one expressed discontent when Mourinho displayed similar emotions years ago. Therefore, it is only fair that no one should be complaining now, especially when these celebrations occur at our beloved home ground, The Emirates, in front of our own passionate fans. Of course, the dynamics change when we play away from home, in my humble opinion. Having said that, I am confident that when the day arrives and we triumph over Liverpool at Anfield, there will be an abundance of celebrations.


In terms of Arsenal upcoming fixtures, the Premier League has made some adjustments for television coverage in March.


Arsenal home match against Brentford has been rescheduled to 5.30pm on Saturday, the 9th, to accommodate Sky Sports. A week later, Arsenal clash with Chelsea has been moved earlier to the 16th, pending Chelsea’s involvement in the FA Cup. However, if Chelsea is still in the competition, this match will be postponed. Lastly, the highly anticipated encounter at The Etihad will now kick off at 4.30pm on Sunday, the 31st.


Looking ahead, Arsenal’s next challenge will be an away game against West Ham this Sunday, with a kickoff scheduled for 2pm.