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Tottenham star has confessed he’s an Arsenal fan ahead of huge title showdown against Manchester City. – “My favourite team is Arsenal because I like everything about the club…



Ahead of the highly anticipated title clash with Manchester City, it has been revealed that Tottenham star Dejan Kulusevski is actually a fan of their north London rivals, Arsenal.


Dejan Kulusevski, the Tottenham winger, has quickly won over the fans since his move from Juventus. Interestingly, he has openly expressed his admiration for Arsenal in the past.


Tottenham and Dejan Kulusevski might play a crucial role in helping Arsenal secure the Premier League title this week. The Swedish player has confessed that Arsenal was his preferred team in the past.


Arsenal is currently in contention for their first domestic title in two decades. However, they will be relying on a significant favor from their rivals, Tottenham, if they are to overcome Manchester City and clinch the championship.


The current title holders have played one game less than Arsenal and are only one point behind Mikel Arteta’s squad. If City loses during the midweek, Arsenal could secure the championship by defeating Everton.


This situation has divided Tottenham’s supporters, with some hoping for a loss against City, despite the possibility of still qualifying for the Champions League by winning their remaining matches.


Kulusevski is expected to play a significant role in the match against City on Tuesday. Although he had a strong start at Spurs after transferring from Juventus, he was previously part of the Arsenal team.


During his time at Parma, he expressed his admiration for Arsenal in an interview with the Swedish Lundh podcast. He stated that Arsenal is his favorite team due to his appreciation for every aspect of the club, including the city, the players, and their style of play.


Furthermore, Kulusevski hinted at his fondness for Arsenal in an interview after joining Tottenham, although he refrained from explicitly mentioning them. He revealed that there is one team he has always desired to play for, and he believes that one day he will have the opportunity to do so. However, he chose not to disclose the name of the team as it is a sensitive matter.


While some fans may prefer to see Spurs lose against Manchester City rather than aiding Arsenal in their pursuit of the title, Ange Postecoglou dismissed such discussions.


The ex-Celtic leader expressed during his pre-game media briefing: “I comprehend the concept of rivalry. I have been involved in one of the most significant rivalries in the world over the past few years with Celtic and Rangers.


“However, I have never, and will never, comprehend why someone would desire their own team to suffer defeat. That goes against the essence of sportsmanship. It contradicts what I cherish about the game.”