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Theo Walcott was highly impressed by the £30m Arsenal player’s live performance at Wolves tonight, emphasizing his continuous engagement and dedication on the field.



Theo Walcott was thoroughly impressed after witnessing the £30m Arsenal player in action at Wolves tonight. Arsenal secured a victory against Wolves with goals from Leo Trossard and Martin Odegaard.


Arsenal bounced back with a victory against Wolves tonight, with Leo Trossard and Martin Odegaard finding the back of the net.


Following a challenging period, Arsenal showcased their resilience against Wolves and secured a crucial win.


Mikel Arteta emphasized the importance of his team returning to winning ways to keep Manchester City on their toes.


Currently leading the Premier League standings, Arsenal will take confidence from this result as they prepare for a significant week ahead.


Arsenal will be facing Chelsea and Tottenham in two crucial London derbies that could potentially shape their season. The performance of key players will be vital in securing positive results in these matches.


Following his impressive display tonight, Martin Odegaard received praise from former Arsenal player, Theo Walcott. Walcott commended Odegaard’s influence on the team, highlighting how Arsenal have structured their gameplay around him.


Indeed, the former England player highlighted how Arsenal have centered their team around Odegaard, and based on his current performance, it is evident why.


Odegaard may have had some luck with the ball returning to him, but he positions himself in a deserving manner. He consistently plays a crucial role in significant moments.


Arsenal’s reliance on him in the final third is evident, making him an essential asset for the team. Once again, he proved his worth when it truly counted.


Undoubtedly, his performance in the attacking third may not have been remarkable, but as Walcott points out, he consistently contributes to Arsenal’s positive gameplay, which truly exemplifies his exceptional skills.


Arsenal has undoubtedly secured one of the most advantageous deals in recent times, acquiring him for just £30m.