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Saka: I understand why defenders want to smash me Is because am playing the most attractive football in the Premier League and that’s the only way to stop me…



Saka realizes why defenders are keen on marking him, as he is demonstrating the most alluring form of football in the Premier League.


Bukayo Saka has gained a deeper understanding of why defenders are eager to “smash” him on the field. Through discussions with both opponents and teammates who have physically challenged him, the young footballer has come to terms with this reality.


As one of the most fouled players in the Premier League, Saka acknowledges that his attractive style of play often draws the attention of opposing defenders. Instead of allowing this to frustrate him and disrupt his concentration, he has chosen to view it as a form of flattery. Saka’s ability to handle these physical challenges with maturity and composure is a testament to his growth as a player.


I believe it’s just my nature,” he explained to beIN SPORTS when asked about his ability to smile during intense competition.


“When I step onto the field, my main goal is to have fun and enjoy the game. Through the years, I’ve gained valuable experience, especially as I faced more tackles and defenders became more aggressive towards me. I’ve had conversations with some defenders, which helped me understand their perspective.


“So, when I see a defender attempting to stop me with a hard tackle, as long as I evade it, I find it amusing and take it as a form of respect.


“I don’t think a defender would try to stop me aggressively if they didn’t see me as a threat. Therefore, if I manage to avoid their tackle, I simply laugh it off and continue playing, as I consider it a normal part of the game.


“Ultimately, the defender is just doing their job by protecting their goal, while I’m focused on doing mine by advancing towards their goal.”


We are all striving to give our best for the team. Personally, I make an effort to control my temper because I know that when I lose my composure, my performance suffers. I hope I haven’t unintentionally revealed any secrets to our opponents.


When asked about his conversations with others, Saka replied, “I prefer to keep the names confidential as I believe those discussions should remain private between me and the individuals involved. However, I have had a few conversations with players from opposing teams, and sometimes even with my own teammates. I ask them questions like, ‘Why do you approach the game with such aggression? Why do you only want to overpower your opponents?’


“They explain their perspectives to me, which helps me understand their mindset. Once I grasp their reasoning, it becomes easier for me to adapt and continue playing. Of course, I hope to avoid any excessively rough tackles because I don’t want to sustain injuries or play through pain, and I believe nobody desires that either.


“I don’t want to use this platform to complain about such matters because it will only exacerbate the situation.”


Currently, Saka is in an exceptional form, having scored eight goals in his last seven Premier League matches. This brings his total tally for the season to 16 goals and 12 assists across all competitions.


It seems that being a target on the field suits him quite well.