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Martin Odegaard provided an excellent response to Arsenal questions about Erik Ten Hag’s mind games ahead of the crucial Manchester United match. – “I think we can beat any opponent,”…



Odegaard’s response to questions regarding Erik Ten Hag’s mind games before the Manchester United title test was impeccable, showcasing his professionalism and mental strength.


Martin Odegaard handled the inquiries about Erik Ten Hag’s mind games flawlessly ahead of Arsenal’s upcoming match against Manchester United, demonstrating his focus on the task at hand.


The last encounter between the two teams, where Arsenal secured a victory with two late goals, seems like a distant memory as they gear up for another crucial showdown at Old Trafford this Sunday.


It has been quite some time since Arsenal displayed their prowess by scoring two late goals against Erik ten Hag’s Manchester United team.


Despite a dominant performance with 17 shots compared to the visitors’ ten, as well as more possession and better opportunities, the victory feels like a distant memory. Now, after eight months, the two teams are set to face each other once again, this time at Old Trafford on Sunday.


The stakes are high for the Gunners, as a win would ensure that the title race goes down to the wire in the final match of the season. On the other hand, their rivals Manchester City still have three games left to play and can secure the title if they collect maximum points.


Interestingly, Ten Hag seems to be fixated on the previous encounter, constantly referring to the offside goal by Alejandro Garnacho and the debatable penalty awarded to Rasmus Hojlund. His comments have been a recurring theme in numerous interviews and press conferences.


Ten Hag expressed his belief that his team deserved to win the game in his post-match interview with BBC Sport. However, it is important to consider that the statistics, eye test, and analysis present a different perspective on the matter.


In February, the Dutch coach reiterated his confidence in his team’s abilities by stating that they have the potential to defeat any opponent, whether playing at home or away. He specifically mentioned their match against Arsenal, expressing his belief that they should have emerged victorious.


Continuing in March, after their victory over Liverpool, Ten Hag once again referenced the Arsenal game. When asked if the derby win could be a turning point, he responded by acknowledging the missed opportunities in previous matches, including the Arsenal encounter early in the season. He even highlighted a potential penalty that should have been awarded to his team.


It is evident that Ten Hag’s perspective on the Arsenal game differs from the statistical analysis and overall assessment.


These are just a few examples from the extensive collection of mentions and references that Ten Hag has made, clearly influenced by the early outcome of the campaign. From an Arsenal perspective, they can dismiss any notion of superiority that is not reflected in the standings.


In a conversation with Arsenal captain Martin Odegaard following their 3-0 victory over Bournemouth this weekend, he was asked if Ten Hag’s persistent mentions of the Gunners provided any additional motivation for the match. Odegaard replied, “Honestly, no. I don’t believe so.


“It’s like any other game we’re currently playing. We don’t require any extra motivation right now.


“We have more than enough. We understand what we’re playing for. We know the objective. We must win every game, and that’s what we’ll strive to achieve.”