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‘Just go and get him’: Liverpool has been advised to secure the services of a talented forward from the Premier League whom Jurgen Klopp has openly declared as his “favourite player”…



Liverpool have been strongly advised to sign a Premier League forward, whom Jurgen Klopp has openly declared as his “favourite player”.


While the focus last year was primarily on strengthening the midfield, it appears that this time around, the club is looking to address other areas of the pitch as well.


Although there is a valid argument that Liverpool may still need to reinforce their midfield, it remains uncertain whether Michael Edwards and Richard Hughes share this perspective.


However, what is evident is that the transfer team has recognized the need for a new centre-back.


Furthermore, Edwards and Hughes have reportedly acknowledged the requirement for an additional forward, as identified by Arne Slot.


This prospect is undeniably more thrilling. As the transfer window draws near, rumors have linked Liverpool to players like Anthony Gordon from Newcastle.


However, it is worth noting that any interest in Gordon has been dismissed, and instead, Liverpool has received a recommendation for the perfect player to enhance their attacking prowess.


Liverpool urged to consider signing Jarrod Bowen


If Liverpool were to acquire a forward this summer, it would be intriguing to observe the type of player they choose. It was widely anticipated that they would need to find a replacement for Mohamed Salah, for instance.


In such a scenario, Liverpool would undoubtedly have to seek out an exceptional – or potentially exceptional – left-footed player in the same vein as the Egyptian.


However, recent reports suggest that Salah is more likely to stay rather than leave. Instead, there are rumors surrounding Luis Diaz’s future, which may require the Reds to consider someone for the opposite wing.


Despite this, Liverpool legend John Aldridge has cautioned Liverpool fans to remain cautious about Salah’s potential departure. And if he does leave, Aldridge suggests that West Ham’s Jarrod Bowen should be recruited.


Jurgen Klopp, the Liverpool manager, has shown great admiration for Jarrod Bowen, the former Hull City player, in the past. However, it is uncertain whether Bowen is still a viable option for Liverpool at this point in time.


The former striker, Aldridge, suggests that if Mohamed Salah were to leave the club due to financial reasons, Liverpool should consider pursuing Bowen as a potential replacement.


Nevertheless, Aldridge acknowledges that acquiring Bowen may not be an easy task, as it would require negotiations with West Ham.


Ultimately, the decision will depend on various factors, including availability and the right price. While Bowen remains a talented player, there are also other options, such as Ollie Watkins, who could be considered as potential forward additions for Liverpool.


However, Aldridge believes that Watkins may be less attainable due to Aston Villa’s current success. Ultimately, it is up to Liverpool to assess their options and determine the best course of action for their striker position.


Is Jarrod Bowen still a possibility for Liverpool?


A couple of years ago, it appeared highly likely that Bowen could potentially join Liverpool. Jurgen Klopp, the manager of Liverpool, has expressed his admiration for the former Hull City player, even going so far as to call him his ‘favorite player’ outside of his own squad as recently as December 2023.


This admiration is well-founded considering Bowen’s impressive performances. At 27 years old, he has had another outstanding season, scoring a personal best of 16 goals in the Premier League and surpassing the 20-goal mark across all competitions.


Additionally, Bowen has consistently found the back of the net against Liverpool, scoring in all three matches against them this season.


However, despite these accomplishments, it is highly unlikely that Bowen will end up at Anfield. At his current age, he falls outside of the preferred age range for signings by Liverpool’s sporting director, Michael Edwards. Furthermore, with Klopp’s departure, Bowen’s biggest supporter is no longer at the club.


Therefore, it is more probable that Liverpool will explore other options that better suit their needs.