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‘It would be nice to stop them’ – West Ham star hoping for Man City upset and making a statement about Declan Rice. – “It would be a great story that West Ham can cancel the Manchester City hegemony…



West Ham’s Vladimir Coufal expressed his desire to prevent Manchester City from winning the Premier League title on Sunday.


A victory for the Hammers would mean Arsenal could potentially clinch the title, marking a significant achievement for the Gunners. Pep Guardiola emphasized the challenge that West Ham poses to City in securing their fourth consecutive top-flight title.


Coufal also mentioned that some players have been in touch with former teammate Declan Rice, who could potentially win his first league title in 20 years if Arsenal emerges victorious.


The Blues are aiming for a historic fourth consecutive top-flight title, a feat never achieved before in English football. However, City must first overcome West Ham, a challenge that Pep Guardiola emphasized will not be easy during Friday’s press conference.


If the Hammers emerge victorious, it could mean Arsenal securing their first league title in two decades, a prospect that excites former team-mate Declan Rice. Ahead of the crucial Premier League finale this weekend, Coufal mentioned in a pre-match interview that some players have been in touch with the England international.


Rice, according to the Czech international, was in contact with the English players, but he didn’t send me any messages,” he humorously shared with Sky Sports. “Since he’s an Arsenal player, he naturally cares about Arsenal and their performance.


“I have a lot of Arsenal fans around me,” he further mentioned. “My son plays football, so there are big Arsenal fans in my family. I received some messages from them saying things like, ‘your first goal in the Premier League is on its way’ and so on. It would be really nice, but we’ll have to wait and see.”


For West Ham, it’s reminiscent of the 2013/14 season when they lost to City on the final day, resulting in Manuel Pellegrini’s team winning the title. While not many Hammers supporters would be thrilled about helping fellow London club Arsenal secure the title, Coufal openly admits that he hopes City’s hold on the trophy weakens.


He expressed his genuine enthusiasm, stating, “To be completely honest, I am filled with excitement. I simply cannot contain my anticipation to witness the Premier League trophy for the very first time. This upcoming game holds great promise, and I am truly thrilled.”


“There is nothing quite like having the opportunity to determine the outcome of the Premier League title. While we may not be in the running for the title ourselves, the fact that we can influence it is certainly a positive aspect.”


“It would be an incredible narrative if West Ham were able to disrupt Manchester City’s dominance. They could become the first team to win the title four times consecutively, so it would be gratifying to put a halt to their streak.”