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I don’t want Ivan Toney at Arsenal, even if his price is dropped to 40-50 million. An Arsenal legend has suggested a different striker who would better suit their style and tactics…



I am not interested in having Ivan Toney join Arsenal, even if his price is reduced to 40-50 million. An Arsenal legend has specifically mentioned the striker he believes would be a perfect fit for the team’s style of play.


Is Ivan Toney worth considering for Arsenal after his price drop?


It is no secret that Arsenal had shown interest in signing Ivan Toney, but the initial asking price of 100 million set by Brentford seemed to have deterred the club. However, recent reports suggest that the price of the English striker has significantly dropped to around 40-50 million.


With this substantial decrease in price, it raises the question of whether Arsenal will reignite their interest in Toney. He is undeniably a talented player who possesses a natural ability to find the back of the net.


Furthermore, his familiarity with the Premier League would facilitate a smoother transition into the team. Adding him to our already thriving squad could enhance our attacking prowess and make us a more formidable force.


Additionally, Toney’s presence could alleviate the pressure on Gabriel Jesus, who has faced injury setbacks. Having two dynamic strikers at our disposal would provide valuable depth and ensure a consistent goal-scoring threat.


Considering the system that Arteta has meticulously built over the past few months, I believe Toney would seamlessly fit into our squad.


In my opinion, Toney may not be the ideal fit for the levels of performance we aim to achieve. I believe it would be wise to invest in a younger, promising striker for the future.


While Toney is still relatively young at 28 and performing well, I feel that acquiring a striker who can offer us at least 5 strong seasons and show continuous improvement is crucial.


The current market for strikers is limited, with only a few options available, and they often come at a high price. However, if we can secure a young player who aligns with Arteta’s vision for the club, it could be a beneficial move for us.


Although this approach carries risks and may require patience with the new signing, I believe the long-term benefits will outweigh any challenges. While Toney may be a cost-effective option now, his reported baggage and ego could pose issues, especially under a manager like Arteta.


What are your thoughts, Gooners?