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‘He scores goals for fun’: Declan Rice says Arsenal defender is absolutely lethal in training. – “If you watched him (Gabriel) train, he scores about three of them a day,”…



Declan Rice praises the lethal skills of an Arsenal defender during training, stating that “he scores goals for fun.”


Arsenal’s proficiency in set-pieces this season has been remarkable, as they have scored more goals from such situations than any other team.


Their dominance in set-plays can be attributed to a combination of dedicated training and players who excel in aerial duels. Gabriel Magalhaes, in particular, poses a significant threat during set-pieces, consistently finding himself in scoring positions.


His prowess in training further emphasizes his impact on the team’s success.


Gabriel Magalhaes is a scoring machine


Rice highlighted the Brazilian’s goal-scoring ability.


“He’s a beast in training, scoring about three goals daily,” Rice mentioned.


“He’s relentless. Even when playing against younger players, he gives his all. His goal-scoring prowess in training is impressive. It’s no surprise he replicates it in matches.”


Arsenal’s secret weapon

Despite talks of Arsenal requiring a new striker, their proficiency in set-pieces suggests otherwise.


Arsenal’s set plays have yielded a total of 16 goals this season, with a few more that are not included in the official statistics, like Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg’s own goal during the weekend match.


Scoring 16 goals from set plays is an impressive achievement that any Premier League striker would be delighted with. This additional attacking strategy has significantly contributed to Arsenal’s current position at the top of the table.


The success of Arsenal’s set-pieces has been a prominent narrative throughout the season, and it has greatly benefited the Gunners.