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Chris Sutton is seething with anger over the comments made by a BBC pundit about Ange Postecoglou. He firmly believes that if someone has something to say, they should have the courage to say it directly to the person’s face…



Chris Sutton is seething with anger after hearing what a BBC pundit had to say about Ange Postecoglou.


From the moment Postecoglou joined Tottenham, Sutton has been an ardent supporter, consistently backing him up.


His loyalty towards Postecoglou is comparable to Joe Root’s dedication to the England cricket team. Being a Celtic fan, Sutton holds a special place in his heart for Postecoglou and will fiercely defend him whenever necessary.


During a conversation on BBC 606, Sutton engaged in a heated argument with Robbie Savage regarding Postecoglou while they were discussing potential Manager of the Season candidates.


Savage presented a strong argument in favor of Rob Edwards, emphasizing that ensuring Luton’s survival is a more significant accomplishment than Tottenham’s attractive style of play, which has earned them a fifth-place position.


Sutton, however, expressed his discontent with Savage’s viewpoint and took a jab at him for belittling the Spurs manager.


The disagreement between the two pundits escalated into a heated exchange.


“Savage, if Rob Edwards manages to keep Luton Town in the league, it would be an extraordinary feat. So, which is more commendable: Edwards’ achievement or Ange Postecoglou transforming the way Tottenham plays, resulting in a ‘well done’ trophy and a fifth-place finish?” Savage argued.


Sutton responded sharply, “Let’s be serious here. Why are you patronizing Ange Postecoglou? Would you say these things to his face? Would you congratulate him for winning the ‘well played’ trophy? No, you wouldn’t. Your lack of understanding of the game is evident, which is why you’re still working at the non-league level.”


Both individuals have valid arguments. This ongoing discussion is captivating as both gentlemen present valid points.


Postecoglou undeniably has had a significant impact on Spurs’ performance on the field, which cannot be disputed. However, it is important to note that Tottenham currently sits in fifth place in the league, which may not be considered a substantial improvement compared to the strategies employed by Antonio Conte or Jose Mourinho.


Ultimately, football is a results-oriented industry, and although Postecoglou has steered Tottenham in the right direction, he has yet to bring significant success to the club.


When considering the Manager of the Season competition, it is possible that someone like Rob Edwards is closer to accomplishing his objectives this season than Postecoglou.