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Alisson shares his honest assessment before facing Atalanta and discloses Liverpool’s objectives for the remainder of the season: “Clean Sheets and Scoring Clear Chances.”



Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson Becker has expressed his desire for the team to focus on keeping clean sheets and converting clear chances in their upcoming match against Atalanta.


Following recent setbacks in the FA Cup and Premier League, as well as a defeat to Atalanta in the first leg, Liverpool will need to deliver a remarkable performance to turn the tie around.


Alisson’s emphasis on defensive solidity and clinical finishing highlights the team’s goal for the remainder of the season.


Liverpool will seek motivation from their past achievements as they strive for another remarkable comeback in European competition. Tonight, they will face Atalanta at the Gewiss Stadium for the second leg of their Europa League quarter-final encounter. However, Liverpool faces a significant challenge as they need to overcome a substantial deficit.


Following their elimination from the FA Cup and a disappointing draw against Manchester United in the Premier League, Liverpool endured a 3-0 defeat in Europe against Atalanta during their visit to Anfield.


This isn’t the initial occasion the Reds have encountered a daunting challenge, yet despite their victories over AC Milan and Barcelona previously, they understand that replicating such success is no easy feat.


Alisson has shared his thoughts on the upcoming match tonight, emphasizing the tough task ahead as Liverpool aims to revive their hopes for another European trophy under Jurgen Klopp.


“They will be a formidable opponent. They are a physically strong team, both in terms of tactics and technique. It has always been a challenging encounter facing them,” Alisson mentioned in his pre-match press conference.


“They play with intensity, marking each player on the field, and when you face a team that employs such tactics, you must be ready to put in the effort and run tirelessly. Without that commitment, there’s no point in stepping onto the pitch in the first place.


“They executed their game plan excellently in the previous match, showing thorough preparation and understanding of our team. We also delivered a subpar performance. I believe this upcoming match will be a different scenario, but we must perform significantly better than we did in the first leg.”


Liverpool squandered numerous opportunities in the first leg, registering 19 shots with only five on target, failing to score. Despite dominating possession with 71% and completing 643 passes compared to Atalanta’s 270, they couldn’t break through the defense.


Alisson emphasized the importance of maintaining clean sheets not only in the upcoming game but also for the entire season, future seasons, and beyond. He highlighted that a solid defense is crucial for a successful team, and it requires collective effort from everyone on the team, not just the defenders.


This objective is not limited to just this particular game; it should be our objective for the remainder of this season, as well as for the upcoming seasons. Maintaining clean sheets is fundamental to the success of a team.


We have demonstrated this in the past, as our defensive solidity has contributed to the trophies we have won. However, achieving this does not solely rely on the defenders, but rather on the collective effort of the entire team and the system in place.


It is imperative that we defend as a unit, working together to regain possession, close gaps, win challenges, block shots, prevent crosses, and make crucial saves. By doing so, we can achieve clean sheets as a team. I firmly believe that this foundation is not only crucial for tomorrow’s match, but for the future as well.